Words are powerful. That’s what everyone usually says. I genuinely appreciate people who are just naturally an encourager and a motivator at the same time. Words could actually be defined as actual weapons that could make a person’s heart broken and feel the torture of it; or perhaps a lullaby that is very pleasant to our ears and feels like heaven. Yet a lot of people are pretty unaware what they say towards others without realizing that they are killing someone already deep down their souls.

Maybe, being thrown negative words at is the most hurtful thing we could ever experience. Imagine, the whole world tells you that you’re ugly, fat, weird, dork, stupid, and this and that. That is offensive and insulting. But it doesn’t just end in feeling those ways because words can never be taken back. Not at all. It’s either you destroy a life or make one. It’s just like pulling a nail out of a garage wall with the use of a hammer. You ‘hammer’ these nail-like words into a person’s heart. Imagine if this heart was a wall, and you hammered insults into it.  No matter how hard you try to pry the nails out, they just won’t budge. Or if ever the nail does manage to come out- you’re still left with something that will never be the same for that person. You’ve left a hole in their “wall-heart” or, a scar, if you will. No matter how many times you apologize, the scar won’t ever go away- it will linger there forever. Maybe it’ll heal in the right time but again, words can never be taken back anymore. So, be smart and sensible enough to know what to say and what’s not to say.

People usually spend their lives thinking about the words that were been hurled at them and at the end, they’d just kill themselves. Say what you want to say, over reacting then? Nada. When I was younger, I’ve been told that no one is going to love me because I was weird, ugly and abnormal. Harsh? IT WAS VERY HARSH. During those times, I wanted to disappear and be just numb from hearing those words. But life wasn’t quite like that. I could still hear those words all over down the corridors, in the classrooms, in the streets, and wherever I go, again and again and again; those words were haunting me. And no matter how I try, they were still there. Yes, people I loved comforted me; they knew what I went through, but they didn’t have any idea that those words brought pain, anger, and hatred to me.

True enough, it takes a lot of time to move on from those harsh and rude experiences. But I believe that even it took you a decade to move on, those experiences are just temporary. I mean, God can get you anytime, but why not now? If you feel like giving up, think about why you’re alive today. Hey, just so you know, tomorrow is a new day. There may be bunch of cramp memories in your past or maybe even now, but don’t let it hinder you from doing your best. Never. Don’t let your past hold you back from doing what God wants you to do; don’t hinder yourself from experiencing greater and bigger. God has something for you. Just always remember until there is life, there is hope. And your hope is JESUS. Keep striving on.

Words are words but there is something about them. Words can drown people and never save them; but words can also be a lifesaver or their oxygen tank to survive life. So be wise. It’s either you mend a heart or you break one.

Words, too, can definitely be the unforgettable things you could never forget whether its tragic or promising. But then, even you define them as tragic ones, don’t worry, God’s got you. Come, talk, and cry it out to Him. Even though you have no words to explain how much it hurt, God hears what is unheard and understands what is unexplained. So don’t be afraid to come to His presence. He will heal you.

Tomorrow is a new day. And when you catch yourself waking up tomorrow, it’s a miracle. He still has something for you, so don’t give up. Persevere. Endure.

God loves you.

-Rinnah Ramirez 🙂


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