Twenty-Two Days

Twenty-two days left and it’s Christmas. And a lot of people say, “Give love on Christmas day.” And it’s true.

Few hours ago, a bunch of peer counselors (in our school) went to an orphanage to share some of our blessings we’ve got from the donations in our school. Clump of kids were there; but unfortunately, I don’t like kids—I mean, I didn’t. I easily lose patience on them especially when they’re noisy and naughty. I’d rather take care a toddler rather than taking care aged from 8 and above. As we arrived and boarded off the bus, there was this little boy accompanied by two caregivers who waved his hand at us that my heart literally melted. I felt something different. I felt somewhat like sympathy that I couldn’t understand what I was feeling. When we were actually traveling beforehand, I was nervous and pleading God to give me patience for the kids, especially I also want to learn. Little do I know, compassion conquered my heart for those young kids as we reached to our destination.

There was this eight-year-old boy who was so shy and was so hesitant to join our event. He was out casting himself from the group. Other peer counselors tried to talk to him and even tried to invite him inside, but still he refused. I did notice him but I didn’t mind at first. But knowing that he was alone outside playing, something in me drove away to go and converse with him. I did everything to persuade him to go inside but still, he was declining my request. So, I just stayed with him for a while then I tried again. I asked him if he wanted to be happy and he nodded with a shy-type smile on his face. I was really assuring him that he won’t regret when he join us; and I was still convincing him to come with me because I also didn’t want him to miss anything out. I kept on trying and holding on to that tiny hope that he might go inside. Finally, he suddenly did. Praise God!

To make the long story short, I was with that kid almost all along that 2-hour event. I played with him, served him with food, and even accompanied him in coloring some artworks. When his attention drifted away from me, I let him be; I let him join the other groups that he may fully enjoy the day, too. As a response, I roamed around and started playing with some of the kids.

ImageIt is actually touching when the kids in the orphanage try to hold your two hands because they want you to hug them. They were all seeking attention and love, and I am so grateful that God gave me that willingness to give it freely to them. Seeing them smile is such a privilege. I can really see the joy in their hearts as they excitedly open their gifts that we gave them. They immediately cuddled and squeezed the stuff toys as if it was their first time. It was so heartwarming and heart felting. It was indeed a breathtaking moment.

I realized that I was really impatient with kids but I was reminded that God has been patient with me all along and it became my driving force to give and share love to those kids who were abandoned, neglected and abused. Knowing the mere fact that I felt so bad about myself before, God made me feel complete. I came to a point there wherein I need to share the love that is in me, not just to people I know, but also to the people—the kids—who need it so desperately because God loved me (us) first after all. Embracing every tiny and small kid was so delightful and a pleasure. I know in my heart that somehow I was able to leave a footprint in their hearts because they did the same for me as well.

Bidding the kids goodbye was the heartbreaking part. I know it was only a 2-hour event but during those 120 minutes was so memorable for me.

I am beyond blessed by how their smiles represent a story behind. I may not know all their stories, but I am in faith that as they smile to each person, even as young and innocent they are, it can change everyone because they certainly touched my deepest soul that I unexpectedly could imagine and feel.

Share the LOVE because everyone deserves it. True enough, let us not share it just because its nearly Christmas, it is because in reality, everyday should be Christmas. Give love—everyday 🙂

Twenty-two days to go!

-Rinnah Ramirez 🙂


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