Just Some Thoughts: Speak Up

Well, I’ve wrote something about my random thoughts I’ve pondered on tonight because I watched a movie, Lemonade Mouth, and I actually learned something—well not from the movie itself—but how the movie relays its lesson to me.

“Go out of your coziness and BE HEARD.”

Sometimes, we tend to just stay and remain in our comfort zones and selves and always end up as an unknown and invisible to the audience. We, alas, choose to stay in our own secret shells and keep the voice in us when in fact all voices should be heard. Why? Because everyone Imagematters; every voice matters. And if we just understand that every person is important, we’d always let them feel that they belong. And not only that, if we, our real selves, go and step out of our soothing territories, who knows that our voices, our souls, and our hearts will change the world? If we just make a decision to move, we will also move a person’s life. If we make a decision to be heard and be the bringer of your (and the Gospel) message, what do you think would the society looks like right now? Your campus? Your company? Your family? Your ministry? How do you think would the world look like? If you just choose to stand up for yourselves and speak out what’s inside of you, you have no idea how much impact you could bring to anyone’s life!

If you speak up, you could actually be someone’s voice out there. C’mon now!






Remember, a word from you can change a lifetime.


-Rinnah Ramirez 🙂


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