Proving No More

I was in my room alone browsing pictures of my old classmates in Instagram. Too funny to think about it, but most of us girls feel insecure when we see someone more beautiful than we are. And I can’t blame anyone for feeling that way.
With their bikinis, flat stomachs, abs, and their skinny bodies (I am aware that I’m thin but it’s not thin as theirs) I couldn’t help but to swallow my saliva every time. But I remember discussing this stuff to my group; the beauty outside will soon fade away. We all know that. It’s very redundant and cliché every time we hear, what’s inside is more important than the outside. But genuinely speaking, the heart and character lingers for eternity, and that’s what makes a girl a real woman of God—in dignity and uprightness.

Having this sinful nature, men of the world would find a woman who will satisfy their flesh; who would find someone who would fill their longing for sexual desires. But knowing our identity as women of God, we should realize and remember that we don’t deserve men who will treat us as sex objects and who would just play with our hearts; we deserve a real man of God, as well. If we consider ourselves as a princess, then better look for a prince, not a pleasure-seeker. God wants us the best and that is, we deserve God’s best man too.

Girls, it’s not bad to work out. It’s part of being fit and healthy. But be certain that your motives are right. Are you working out because you want to be fighting fit, or you work out because you want men to see how good in shape you are? Remember that your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit. Good for you if you eat vegetables and exercise regularly because you want to take good care of yourself, but what’s next after that? Ponder on it, girl. 😉

Seeing teenagers the same age as I am wearing shorts with their thin, slim and white legs, I couldn’t stop being insecure of their confidence because they could wear shorts anytime without being shy or being self-conscious. And I got to make it clear to myself. Yeah, I can wear short shorts, fit dresses, and even bikinis; I can go with the flow and conform and compromise my values; but knowing the word modesty, God has made me realized that modesty is the hottest. True enough, I can wear those kinds of clothes, however I don’t have to show any skin to be beautiful. You know why? Because from the day that I was born, I was made to be beautiful inside and out. Why show, right?

Men in the world will long for your body, but a man of God will long for your heart and nobility in Christ Jesus. You don’t have to show anything to prove that you’re worth loving for; you don’t have to put so much make up on your face to prove that you’re pretty. YOU DON’T HAVE TO PROVE ANYTHING. Your value has so much worth that Christ even died for you to be secure. GOD HAS ALREADY PROVED THAT YOU’RE LOVED AND BEAUTIFUL.

Many girls give in to sexual immorality to their boyfriends because they want to know and feel that they are accepted in the society. In this world, outside is always important than the inside. If you’re hot and sexy, you’re in; but if you’re not, then you’re sorry. Guess what, your bodies are just all temporary that sooner or later, no one will appreciate it. What lasts is your heart. And a man of God will admire you for that.

Act as a woman—a real woman—with dignity and character.

You’re the daughter of the King; you’re loved because you are His beloved; you are beautiful because He has made you in His likeness. Bear in mind that your beauty inside will last for a lifetime.

-Rinnah Ramirez 🙂


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