Honorology for 2013

Before this year ends, I want to honor and salute the people who made 2013 special and who brought lessons and values in my life.

Firstly my leaders: Kuya Edrei, Kuya John, Ate Rina and Ate Jo. The leaders who helped me with almost everything; they are the ones that I will be forever grateful for; the leaders that I always love from the bottom of my heart. Secondly, I want to write about my beloved siblings in spirit who helped me in my everyday life: Thea, Bea, Yestin, Aileen, Elise and Willreign.

Kuya Edrei taught me to be strong and to be a warrior of God. He built the confidence in me by assigning me to speak on stage twice, which is actually one of my biggest fears. He built the faith that God has for me. I am so grateful that God used him for me to literally step out of my comfort zone. He is a leader and our youth pastor who helped me to forget my past but rather to bring the lessons with me in my trials before.
Kuya John taught me to love people. He taught me to love people as God loves them too. He taught me to always focus on God and let everything else be blurry. He imparted to me as well that prayer is indeed powerful because in God’s Name there is authority.
Ate Rina taught me to always preach the Gospel to myself everyday. She always makes me realize that the enemy has been defeated and therefore, I am already victorious. She let me knew that in spite of what I see in the mirror, I still am beautiful and unique in God’s eyes.
Ate Jo taught me to forgive myself. She taught me to be a woman—a real woman—who guards her heart and motives that guys should treat her like one. She taught me to trust in God’s unending love. She let me realized that despite how imperfect I am, God’s love will always be perfect—not judging but bringing me back to the cross.
Thea let me realized that I can be beautiful by being myself and modest. She taught me to be strong, not on my own, but with God. She became my motivator too in times of difficulties and trials. She always tells me how blessed I am because of His grace.
Bea taught me to believe in God for greater things. She let me realized that failure is not the end of my journey, but to start again with the attitude of gratefulness.
Yestin always reminds me that I can do all things through Him. He taught me that loving people is not in vain. He taught me that nothing is really impossible with God, although I know that already but Yestin made me realized that God can use anyone to spread His light by just being available and willing.
Aileen taught me to smile despite of the adversities of life. She taught me me that happiness shouldn’t be my strength, but joy.
Elise taught me to remind myself what Christ did on the cross. She taught me to always know and based my real identity in God, not on the worldly things. She taught me to let go of the past and move on. She made me realized that its okay not to be okay sometimes; she made me realized that its alright to be broken because in the end, God will heal me. She also taught me that the essence of living here on earth is to please God, not men.
Willreign taught me not to give up on people I love. He taught me to be patient, understanding, and to endure the most difficult people. He taught me to embrace trials as blessings. He imparted me wisdom that I can always apply in my daily life.


All of their lives are such an overflow and a proof of God’s love to me. Indeed, they are worth to be kept for.

How about you? Who made your 2013 special? 🙂

–Rinnah Ramirez 🙂


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