Hello 2014

Of course, your first reaction wouldn’t be oh-I’m-surprised-with-her-new-blog –post because what I’m going to write is not literally new—New Year. (Oh see what I did there? Face palm) But before moving on, Happy New Year to you fella!

How was your year?

Okay, answer that to yourself.

Most probably, majority would answer: tough.

Agreed. Many of us had gone through a backbreaking journey that literally gave us pail of tears. Most people posted in their Facebook status or Twitter that 2013 was one worse year ever that happened in their lives. Whether its true or not, frankly speaking, sometimes we couldn’t find a way to say thank you to God just because we didn’t have a brilliant year the last time. We all know this: whether it was a good year for us or a bad one, God walked with us in our journey and guided us; or whether you didn’t feel like He was there throughout, He was. Maybe you just didn’t see Him because of all the busyness we had to deal with our drawbacks. He is with us forever and always.

ImageLeave the past behind.

Time to decidedly say goodbye to 2013 and set all the bad feelings aside and move on. But one thing that you should never leave is, LESSONS. (Oops, that is plural but I say its one thing because it’s a whole package)

The lessons you have learned in 2013 are most probably going to be applied this year, or maybe in the long run. Having those complications in every area sometimes sucks. And it is not supposed to be our response. Complaining is not supposed to be our attitude, but thanksgiving. God wants us to embrace obstacles as blessings because He is molding our character. He gives us trials in order for us to learn and that people may learn through us. And through us, His light will be known.

We might all had those times when we were all desperate and crying out to God for help and those times when we felt so unloved, rejected and downcast, but nevertheless, His love continues on.

For some of us (or most), we are worrying about what’s going to happen in our lives this year but knowing that God holds our destinies, I am certain that there is really nothing to worry or fear about.

2013 for most of us brought exhausted souls. Your heart might be broken into pieces last year and if you’re still not okay, it’s time to give the broken pieces to God and let Him make it whole again (mind you this isn’t just applicable to love life but also in every aspect). You might have cried a lot but God is the God of comfort and He will turn your misery to joy. You might have been so tired and wanting to give up but there’s a saying, as long as you live there is hope. And your hope is He.

Just keep on going, my friend.

2014 may be tough, or easy, even so God has something prepared for us that will definitely surprise us. God will do miracles, fulfill His promises, answer your prayers, and move in the hearts of the lost this year.

Goodbye 2013. Hello 2014.

Move on. It’s time to move on, fella. 🙂

Happy New Year again.

-Rinnah Ramirez 🙂


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