Lately, I’ve been losing sleep at night about something that bothered me a lot every second of my move. I was being distressed about my college. I mean, who doesn’t? (Unless you’re really confident that you can pass all universities) After not passing two out of four universities I’ve taken, I don’t know where I am going and where I should be. I know for a fact that I shouldn’t worry because God is able; thing is, sometimes I couldn’t just stop thinking, or overthinking, to be accurate, about these concerns.

Yet the next thing I know, God speaks. Sure, my desire is to be in a university that is best in the country; my goal is to be part of the top 4 universities; and my aspiration this year is to be in a school where God will use me. Yes. There you go. Where God will use me. True enough, this is not about me neither what’s going to happen in my whole college life; but as always, its in the subject of God. God reminded me that wherever He called me to be and whatever He wants me to do, He has a plan. I remembered that my prayer was to be in a school where God’s light will shine upon me and that He’d be visible in every area.

ImageSometimes, in our lives, we’d rather pursue our own plans than seeking God’s will. We all had those times where we disobeyed; in fact, the first people (Adam and Eve) whom God created disobeyed and violated God’s command. And little do we know, they’re lost in their track. It is because they failed to realize the essence of following the volition of their (our) Master but by preference to come after with their not-so-good-strategies.

Whether we think of disobeying in little things, still, we disobeyed. And that is, we get off course and not being aligned to the heart of God.

You have your own plans this year. I have my own plans for college. Of course, I have to plan everything and so you are; but are my plans lined up in the purposefulness of God in my life? Is your plans part of His plans?

That is the question.

Sure, maybe, our intentions are right—to serve God, to share the Gospel, to invite people to church—but nothing beats our obedience; nothing beats our heart following what God wants us to do and going to where He called us to be. Doing good works is good, but God doesn’t need them. He wants our heart; He simply wants our obedience and our humility before Him saying that we yield to His desire. God wants us to glorify Him in everything that we do; and obeying Him is one.

Perhaps, in the beginning, it’s not going to make sense at all. But it’ll make sense after we obey.

Honestly, I don’t know where I am going to study now; I still have no exact idea where to go. But I have one path to walk into—His way. And indeed, He will lead me to where I am supposed to be.

Just obey. You’ll get there.

It’s not easy but you’ve got the best God; He knows what He’s doing.

-Rinnah Ramirez 🙂


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