Craziest Things

It’s February and as the world’s culture, we call it the love month.

In our church (youth service), we will be tackling about Crazy Love and this is the main reason why I’m going to write and share my answers about the question, “What is the craziest thing you did for love?”…well, puppy love.

Instead of me making a video out of my answers, I have decided to write it here in my blog, which is usual for me.

(Omg this is so intense HAHAHAH)

Let me start off:

  • I wrote a love letter and gave it to my crush through my best friend
  • I wrote a lot of poems to every crush I’ve liked (OMG HAHAHA)
  • I admitted to a guy once.
  • When my sister asked me what would I say to my crush if it were the end of the world now, and I answered, “I love you.” (EW EW EW)
  • I set his picture as my wallpaper and stare at it the whole night (HUHUHU)
  • I cried for three days because my crush gave a teddy bear and a necklace to the girl he liked. (I CAN’T BELIEVE I CRIED ABOUT THAT)
  • When I let my crush use me (OUCH. It’s a long story though)
  • I couldn’t sleep every night because I’ve been not seeing the guy and I missed him so much. And I felt like dying to see him every day. LIKE LITERALLY. (Mind you, we are that close HAHAHAHA Hashtag obsessed)
  • I couldn’t delete his one message even it just says “Thank you :)” (I CANT EVEN…HAHAHAHA)
  • And lastly…I wrote 18 pages about a man I like the most in just only one night.

AHA! That is all.

Maybe, these are not the most insane things for you that I’ve done for love but these are the craziest for me. But don’t do the same thing as I did. (HAHAHAHA)

Yet despite that, in all seriousness sometimes or most of the time emotions cannot be controlled that we’re being carried away. Likewise, I am not in the position of saying that you won’t feel the awkwardness, the butterflies, the mixed emotions and such when you see the person you love or like; that is why, we need to always guard ourselves by the grace of God in order to have self-control every time our hearts beat when we catch a glimpse of the person we admire the most.

So, I hope you were somehow entertained with my nutty answers about love. How about yours? What is/are the craziest thing(s) you’ve done for love? 😉

-Rinnah Ramirez


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