Flappy Bird

The moment that I found what the Flappy Bird game was, I didn’t know it was going to catch my attention, and even my time. Every time I lose, I either tap the table or shout.

One of the things that I’ve learned in this game is that life must move forward even we don’t see the staircase. Sometimes, God is giving us a journey that we can’t see anything—no signs, no warnings—that we, as a matter of fact, are having a hard time trusting Him, isn’t it? But sometimes, when we fail, we still continue to stand up again and try. In fact, Flappy Bird game shows us that we always want another chance to play. Truthfully, failure is not the end of our journey. In every moment we lose in Flappy Bird, we click start again, am I right? Because we want to beat the high score and we want to be victorious. It’s the same thing with life, we may not know what’s going to happen after; we may not know that the next step we’ll take might be another failure, but God wants us to respond in a way that we are willingly to stand and start all over again and not to give up until we get that “medal” (reward) from our Master.Image

I’ve heard plenty of stories about dreamers—just like you and me. We all have our dreams; yet from time to time, bad things happen along the way but then occasionally some people choose to continue walking in their goals despite the negatives that is happening around them. Just like Flappy Bird, when we hit the buildings or the bushes, we’d always want to throw our phones or punch our friends because of annoyance and displeasure. At times, we, humans, are like that. Failure comes along and all of a sudden we catch ourselves being angry or disappointed with the incidents, instead of moving on and do our best the next time.

I realized that Flappy Bird is basically a training of patience and perseverance. Don’t you think? Come to ponder on it, when we tumble over, we get easily angered and some accidentally utters words that aren’t supposed to be said. Now and then, we point our fingers to the buildings that results as GAME OVER. In the same way, when we fail in this life, sometimes we blame God or even others or perhaps, the circumstances that we are going through, when in fact no one or nothing should be blamed. God tests our patience; and it’s not just that, but He also teaches us to be patient enough both in time and character. Or let’s talk about perseverance—journeying in a road that you don’t know if you will stumble but chooses to pursue your dreams anyway, even it might cause you a lot of tears and heartbreaks. However, when we lose our step, we’d still continue to push through and believing that God will provide a way and give us our desires.

Flappy Bird is perhaps, one of God’s ways to make us realize what life must be treated like; of how we should view it, not on our own angle, but His. 🙂

-Rinnah Ramirez 🙂


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