A Father’s Love

Years ago, I came to my dad crying and hugging him. I couldn’t utter a word because I was scared. My dad just hugged me back and suddenly asked me what was wrong. With all the guts that I’ve got, I asked him if someone was still going to love me despite of what I look like. At first, my dad stood speechless because he was surprised with a heartbreaking question; yet few seconds after, he finally responded with an “Of course.” That was the only answer he could say, as far as I can remember. But he didn’t stop there; he continued comforting me with his reassurance embrace that he would be there for me whatever happens.

Despite of his short answer I’ve heard from his mouth, I couldn’t be thankful enough because from that day on, my dad loved me more each and every day. Even with these imperfections and flaws that I have, he still loved me the way I am. Though he’s not perfect, my dad was one of the people who imparted God’s love to me in my life. My dad was the first man who let me realized what love is and what it feels to be loved. And in the fullness of time, I came to know Christ.

ImageA father’s love is like no any other. I don’t know about you; perhaps you don’t know your dad, or you didn’t even get to have enough time to bond with him because he’s not with you anymore, or your dad might have his own family right now or maybe, you don’t have a relationship with him. Let me tell you that Someone up there—God—loves you so much beyond the imagination you have right in your mind. He knows what you’d say beforehand; He knows what you’d do later on; He knows you’d fail; He knows that you’re going through something; He knows every single thing about you. Yet you ask, where is He?

He’s just right there beside you, wherever you go, and anytime you need Him. He’s just a prayer away. Call Him, and He’ll be there.

My dad may be faulty and flawed but I thank God because He used my father to reach out to me. Sure, probably you hate your dad or you don’t know him, but God is always there to lend a hand, to wipe your tears away, and to just simply be there without judging you. God will be there for you despite of your failures, your mistakes, your sins, and your weaknesses; He’ll still be with you when everyone judges you and leave you behind; He’ll still love you even you reject Him again for the millionth time.

That’s the main reason why He sent His Son Jesus Christ to save you, plainly because He loves you unconditionally. He loves you more than you could ever envision. He knew you couldn’t make it; that you’d never be perfect and good enough to just simply enter His presence but because of His love, it gave us the way to live with Him forever.

One of the things that I love about God is we don’t have to perform in front of Him; we don’t have to prove that we’re good enough to be saved; we don’t have to prove that we’re valuable; simply because He made us perfect, holy and beautiful in front of His eyes. In fact, He never lets us go even we are disobedient and stubborn that we tend to let go of His hand; He still pursues us every now and then because that is how significant we are.

The longing in my heart to be loved was filled, because God is love. Despite of my yearning, His love completed my life. He completes me, and no one could satisfy the eternal love that He has for you and me.

-Rinnah Ramirez 🙂


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