Perfection Not

One of the things that I struggled about was people expected a lot from me because I am a Christian, and even a pastor’s kid. Christians are nearly defined as perfect, sinless and holy. While it is true that we are declared holy and righteous in front of God’s eyes, we still sin because of our sinful nature. We cannot save ourselves that, as a result, God has given us the grace to overcome sin and run away from temptations.

Many people have mistaken that when Christians go to church, definitely they are kind, they’re prayerful or religious, and they won’t sin neither hurt you. Unfortunately, it’s not what it means to be Christian. To be a Christian means to live in the standard of God’s grace and not to live on our own strength enabling ourselves to get out of sin on our own ability—standard of idealism or perfection. Sometimes, a lot of attendees in church get disappointed because they expect a perfect service and perfect people. They get disappointed because they thought there would be no people who would, maybe, judge them. The truth is, the main reason why we go to church is because we want to align ourselves in God’s saving work, and not to align  in the reputation that people have for us. If you think you go to church presenting yourself as righteous just to please people, then I guess you better check your heart again. Bear in mind that people in church aren’t perfect, neither when they go out.

Being a pastor’s kid, for me, is both easy and hard. Why? Many of my friends ask me how it feels to be one. It is easy because I don’t really mind if I’m my dad’s kid; at times I don’t care to be myself because that’s who I am; I don’t have to show that I’m perfect and such an ideal Christian girl pretending that I’m okay and my family is okay. Yet it is also hard because when people know that I’m a pastor’s kid and suddenly I accidentally did something wrong, I get a bad reputation; they’d ask questions like “I thought you’re a pastor’s kid? Why have you done that?”  

The reality is, I don’t live here in this world to please men, but my God. The cause of me having a hard time is because people judge quickly without realizing that I’m also a human being who sins like everybody else. And the reason why, also, it’s an easy task for me is because God reminds me that I know I don’t have to live in a pretentious way because it’s me. Above and beyond, I don’t represent my dad’s name neither my family name, but I represent God’s. I am not accountable to anybody, neither you are, but to Him.


Being a Christian means to be Christ-like. A lot of times we fail to remind ourselves what Gospel is all about. Christ died for us that we might be forgiven, redeemed and free out of our eternal condemnation. We go to church not because we go there for the sake of going; but we go to church because God wants us to point ourselves worshiping Him to what Christ has done on the cross and not to our good deeds.

In any case, we will really dash our hopes when we look at the things that are temporary; fix your eyes on what Christ did for you and me. To be a Christian means to live in the will of God, not to conform to the footsteps of the world.

God doesn’t demand perfection of being His children; He demands obedience—He wants our hearts above all.

Don’t try to live pressuring yourselves to be perfect because all of your energy would just go to waste; but rather, live in the heart of submission to God.

-Rinnah Ramirez 🙂


One Reply to “Perfection Not”

  1. Thankfully we don’t have to be perfect because His grace is sufficient. There is a perception in the world of what a Christian should be like but we are all a work in progress. Hopefully those who see you today notice that you aren’t the same person you were a few years ago that you are being transformed into the likeness of Christ. Be blessed today and find a way to bless someone else!

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