The Whisper

A couple of days ago, I came from a friend’s house and was heading to the mall. I commuted going there but before I arrived, a strange and disturbing incident had happened to me. I was about to cross the road while waiting for the cars to stop, but there was this guy who crossed the street from the other side and walked towards me and looked me in the eye and whispered inaudibly, “Ingat ka.” (Take care.) I was kind of surprised and scared when I heard that deep voice that had just spoken to me. I held my bag tightly and gulped down my saliva. I looked back and saw group of mystifying men looking at me. And having seen that, I suddenly traveled across the lane and gladly I was safe.

To be honest, I was alarmed and sort of panicky after hearing that guy warning me to take care of myself. It was so erratic that my heart palpitated rapidly. But then, what ifs arose. What if I didn’t mind him? What if I didn’t mind to listen to a stranger for once telling me to guard myself? What if I took it as a joke? What if I didn’t hear his voice? What if I didn’t become more sensitive?

There were so many things that could happen to me that day; I could be held up or got snatched, got kidnapped or maybe even got killed. I don’t know, but I believe it was God’s mercy that has covered me with His protection and guidance. And I am convinced that without being sensitive to that stranger’s voice, a bad thing might happen to me that moment.

In our lives, sometimes we are being so oblivious and unresponsive to God’s hush voice. With all the noise that we hear inside and out of our homes, some of us are quite unaware of it, but some of us don’t mind His voice at all. And that is the problem with us. Being insensitive to the One’s voice harms us. Yet, being sensitive to God’s voice leads us to the right direction where He’s placing us to be. Being sensitive to His voice let us know His plans and even the enemy’s plans. That is why, prayer is important.

A lot of us find prayer boring. Don’t worry, I’ve hypothetically found it boring too. Yet I’ve finally come to conclude that prayer is enjoyable because the One you’re talking to is not boring at all. Prayer is not a time-waster and must be our lifestyle because it becomes our weapon to fight on when the enemy attacks us. Either way, whether we pray or not, the devil will always strike us through his lies and deceptions. Not only we attack the enemy, but also we become closer to the One who created the earth and the universe.

Why prayer anyway? Because it’s the most powerful weapon in the world. And prayer is the way of hearing God’s voice and prayer is the way to offend the devil.


When we open our spiritual ears to hear Him, it’d be easier for us to know His intentions and it’d be clearer to us what He wants us in life. We align ourselves to God’s will when we are sensitive to His voice whether we are in a crowded place or we’re just in our room alone. We hear His tender loving voice and feels His embrace filled with His love and favor.

God’s little voice may sound so inaudible, but when we spend enough time talking to Him, we are having divine weapons to demolish the strongholds that the enemy is trying to do in our lives. Not only that, but also, we make our hearts beat as God’s heart beat too. 🙂

Take some time to have a small conversation with the One who created you. Talking to God must always be a must in our schedules. It’s not dull, after all.



-Rinnah Ramirez 🙂


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