The Essentiality of Manners

I grew up in a family where my mother taught good manners and the essence of it. I was wondering back then why manners are important. Why would you limit yourself just to be modest and demure? I mean, what’s the point?

I thought manners mean well-educated and rich people. However, there are a lot of schooled persons who has bad conduct. I’ve seen a lot of young people who would hang out at malls, or eat at the restaurants who don’t even know how to control their laughter and chatters in such a way the noise is not appropriate anymore and where the people who are watching them gets annoyed. I’ve met group of teenagers too where they tap the tables every time in formal occasions and shriek as if there’s a fire inside the hall. I’ve witnessed men who don’t even mind to open the door for a granny or do not even know how to let the girls go in first before them. I’ve heard guys who treat their girlfriends as their slaves and smash them with their fists. I’ve noticed some people who also forget to say please or thank you when they are being done a favor.

Where are the manners? Where are our manners? Is that even right? Is that even proper?

Manners are essential. I realized manners are supposed to be a major thing in our behavior and personality because manners show how well cultured we are; and manners reveal who we really are as a person—our character and persona.

A lot of women nowadays don’t even wear respectable clothes anymore because the world is offering so much like fame and security. Most women these days don’t know how to wear proper dresses when they’re in church. Of course, being fashionable and snazzy is part of a woman’s nature yet how we present ourselves determines also how people would respect us. Dressing well is a manifestation of a good conduct.

I came to a realization where we really don’t have to be a rich kid to have good manners. I’ve met middle and low class group of people who has very good manners than the higher ones because manners don’t necessarily need to be taught; they are learned. Manners tell you which one is right and which one isn’t.

Manners are and will always be significant. Let good behavior be a high-priority. Anyhow, manners show our genuine spirit; modesty never gets out of style; being polite display our real attitude; and being a gentle man isn’t old-fashioned.


“Good manners are a part of good morals.”


-Rinnah Ramirez 🙂


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