Don’t Explain

Meeting somebody who has so much pride within them just bug us so much. Like when you meet someone who doesn’t even know how to apologize because he or she thinks they’re right but truth is, they’re not. Or maybe, a person who doesn’t even acknowledge their mistakes as a human being. Or even a person who always try to give grounds for themselves.

When I was a kid, I used to be a vulnerable and impotent person when I’m being oppressed. Being a victim of bullying isn’t easy as a piece of cake at all. I’m pretty sure everyone was once a victim of being mistreated. Having said that, I was always defenseless and have no pride within me because I always thought that I have no right to fight on. I mean, who am I to answer back to them? Who am I to fight back or have revenge against them? I might just end up being wiped out in their presence. They might just even try to eradicate me out of their sight. But then, in my growing up stage, I had that attitude where I try to defend myself every now and then and trying to be strong enough in the things that I face. Maybe, my dad is right. At some point, I have that pride and arrogance in me where I try to prove someone is wrong when I’m being crushed caused by the experiences I’ve had years back.

Yet when I try to think of it, I’m able to grasp the understanding where I have to just humble myself and calm down. Truth be told, not everything in this life is meant to be defended all the time. Sometimes, we have to chill out and just let people do what they want to do. It’s our decision anyway if we’d be affected by it or not.

ImageYou may have those occurrences in your life where you always want to fight back because people or situations are too much. We cannot control things, though; but we have the power to control ourselves. Sometimes, we have to stop and look around and just be grateful that we’re still alive; being filled with thankfulness that we are a one survivor surviving a harsh and tough life.

There are two special people who have taught me things about life at some point or another, Emily and Kaori. Emily has taught me to be strong and to not let people look down on me just because of my weaknesses and faults. On the other hand, Kaori has taught me to let people think what they want to think of me but not letting them dictate who I am as a person. I’ve realized that some things are worth fighting for, but some aren’t because it just going to get our energy off of us. Once in a while, we don’t have to explain ourselves to prove something. As long as we know the truth, and we know who we really are in Christ, that’s all that concerns.

Pride gets us nowhere. That’s what I always remind myself, even though I usually forget it. Pride doesn’t just ruins relationships, but even our own selves. It ruins also our self-esteem and kindness within us. Pride doesn’t necessarily mean we’re big-headed or we’re so egotistic; but pride hides our own blemishes that we don’t want people to see knowing they might judge us. Despite that, we don’t have to hide our imperfections at all every so often, because in reality, we’re born to be imperfect. But we don’t have to justify ourselves anymore to people who question us most of every time. It’s tiring.

Dear reader, you don’t have to give an explanation of yourself. Being you is enough. Period. Just don’t mind what other people say.

PS. They might just be jealous of you. *wink*


-Rinnah Ramirez 🙂


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