Is That What You Call Love?

I’ve encountered both girls and boys who suffered from several heartbreaks and break ups that ended them up as wretched and broken people. Some of them were cheated on, were left hanging in the air, and or family decision. Of course, all of it was a pathetic situation in the supposedly-happily-ever-after-love-stories. Maybe, you’re one of those people I’ve mentioned earlier; or maybe you’re the other way around. But in that case, life still goes on and you and I must live together fighting for what we love—our family, ourselves, God.

As a teenager of this generation, I’ve experienced heartbreaks too. Although, I’m proud to be part of the NBSB (No Boyfriend Since Birth) club, as I always say. But truth be told, I fell for a gazillion of times, was made use of like a scratch paper that you’d write on and throw it away afterwards; I also got my hopes up because someone made me expect and yet all the same it led to nothing. I have experienced as well crying with so much rage in my heart every time I see the person who had hurt me insensitively and immaturely. I didn’t know how and when to forgive. I wasn’t able to guard and protect my heart that caused me stupidity in my puppy love occurrences.


“Love make you do the stupid things,” the world says. While it is true that we do all those cheesy and cornball stuff for someone we love, it is also true that love must not only use the heart but also the mind. As this we know, we were given wisdom from the Creator who made us. God didn’t just create hearts for humans, but He did create the brain to be used above all. Our hearts are deceiving. We fall in to the blindness of sin and idolatry in the aspect of love. And we use our minds to be wiser, and discerning enough that the devil is trying to emotionally impair us.

We can love all we want. We can love anytime. But how’s our hearts? We can and should love, as the Bible says it so. But let us also be concerned of ourselves. We can’t just love and love and love when we don’t have to time to love ourselves because of the pain we’re feeling caused by the person we admire. Give yourself space for it.

We all know what’s right and wrong, but why do we usually choose the wrong thing when in fact we know what’s decisively ethical? As my friend tells it, “It’s okay to make mistakes, but God gave us wisdom NOT to do those mistakes.”

Admit it, we all thought that in one way or another, what we feel towards someone is called love. We’ve been blinded to a lot of things. A lot of us think that it’s love but unknowingly its lust; a lot of us think it’s true love yet it’s just puppy love; a lot of us think it’s love yet it’s just daydreaming; a lot of us think it’s love yet we dishonor our parents through the relationship we are committed in.

Is that what you call love?

Think about it.

Be wise. Protect yourself, you deserve better. You’re definitely worth waiting for.


-Rinnah Ramirez


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