A Love (poem)

It all started with love,

Love that accepts, welcomes, and rescues,

A Love that is immeasurably immeasurable as the sand in the shore

A Love that is deeper than the deepest seas in the world

A Love that hides you beneath its wings.

A Love that takes away fears

A Love that enables you to walk on the waters

A Love that replaces weaknesses to strengths.


It all started with love

That changed humanity.

The Love that touched the whole creation

A Love that wipes your tears away

A Love that knows how much hurt and pain you had

A Love that puts back your heart into pieces

A Love that fulfills promises

A Love that holds you tight

A Love that pursues

A Love that never gets tired of you.


Blood was spilled on the ground.

Because the Love was crucified, died

Yet came back again to existence

A beautiful exchange had happened

That impact the universe

A beautiful exchange that changed your life forever.

From death to life, from strangers to friends

From aliens to children, from slavery to royalty

A blood that represented pure Love

A Love that gets off all your stains and dirts

A Love that chooses to love you still

A Love that gives you value and worth.


Faithful, majestic, divine, holy Love

A Love that embraces your flaws

A Love that wont let you down.

A Love that is new every sunrise.

And a Love that is sweet and sound for eternity.


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