NO to Discrimination

A day ago, I was with someone who got my nerves on. We were walking in the mall until a group of friends greeted me with a hello. Of course, my response would be a waving hand, a smile and a hello too. But then, the person whom I was with asked me immediately after we passed by those people, “Who are they? They’re your friends? Ew.” Although I know in myself that I wasn’t close with the people who greeted me few seconds ago, but isn’t that wrong to discriminate people just because they’re not at your level? While it is true that we can choose our friends, but you and I have no right to discriminate people just because they’re poor, or they’re inferior than you.

There are people who are black and white, who are impoverished and wealthy, who are small and tall, who are beautiful in your eyes and the not. Imagine yourself being discriminated by people who aren’t pleased with the way you look like, or by your monetary status. What would you feel? I’m sure no one is going to answer that it’s absolutely fine. Discriminating people means you are being biased and prejudicial to them. We don’t have to view a person as someone who isn’t aligned with our lives. Life has so many ups and downs, and we can’t tell people to just turn and fix their lives around when their lives’ situations are actually damaged and ruined. Our world is imperfect and so are you and they. Why discriminate? Life is so much better without separating sheep from the goats and is much better without treating them unfairly.

Someone once asked me why I don’t have friends as beautiful as hers. Seriously though, we cannot judge people just because they don’t look like you or even better than you. Let’s look at ourselves in the mirror before saying a word. Judging people by looks is never cool. It’s a shameful thing of us.

A lot of teenagers today are suffering from favoritism and inequity in their families and in schools that they end up depressed for a long time. They get so much insecure because they think that’s whom they are and will forever be like that. Sometimes, we have to keep our mouths shut when nothing’s even good that would come out of it. We shouldn’t smack right on their faces that they aren’t worth the value of living. Their value is not based on how rich or poor they are, or how black or white they are, or how well they are intellectual or not. But their value, again, is based on what Christ has done on the cross. In point of fact, we all are the apples of His eye. WE are all His favorites. Thus, we have no right to judge and separate people from our “group” just because you don’t feel like they belong.

We were all helpless and impotent in spirit and yet He, Jesus, had compassion for all of us that He came down on earth to give a lending hand, and even gave His life for you to be filled with His love and grace. In the same way, have compassion on the people you see around. Have compassion as Christ has for you. A little gift, a few words of encouragement, a hug, a prayer—IT MATTERS TO THEM. Do something. Let us not just stay sympathizing people around, but empathize. Reach out.

Envision our world being united with love and Him being the center of it. What do you think it would look like? Let us build one another with respect. Respect people as your family, as your friends, and as yourself.

Say no to discrimination. Discrimination is not sophisticated.


-Rinnah Ramirez 🙂


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