Nothing More, Nothing Less

In one point or another, we have felt like God was far off from us. Haven’t we? Yet in fact, we were the ones who were far from Him because of one thing: sin. We all know for a truth that God is holy and cannot tolerate and cannot withstand sin no matter how we think it’s small or big. One of the reasons why we feel we are distant from Him is because we are in denial of having another idol in our hearts rather than Him alone. Idols aren’t just limited to carved statues or graven images. Idols are people or things or activities that replace the position of God in our hearts.

There was a time that a friend of mine asked me what to do because she was lost; she felt like God wasn’t there to hear her prayers; she felt ignored. I was telling her to pray and surrender. In fact, she knew what to do but she just felt like it was a cliché thing to do so. Yet, she agreed with me and just did what I’ve said. As months passed by, she asked me again the same thing, but this time I’ve found out that she’s idolizing something that she’s quite unaware of that moment. She was idolizing a group of boy celebrities that she tweets about it every day and night. (I assumed that all of her tweets were about them) Knowing for an observation of her lifestyle for consecutive months, it might be probably one of the reasons why she couldn’t hear God anymore.

Sometimes we are in denial of things that we do in our everyday lifestyle. For instance, we are too focused on our church activities instead of the One who’s the center of it; or probably, we are so overwhelmed by our victories that we tend forget whom it was about. In reality, idols could be our successes in our careers, our circle of friends or the longing to meet another set of friends, the relationships we are committed in, or the things that we buy that make us feel secure. Idols blind our eyes and our hearts to God. At times, we think we glorify God in our ministries that maybe we have joined all the ministries in our church, when in fact, we might probably not glorifying God in the aspect of our time management and our priorities. We think we are very much spiritual when we seem to do something “holy” or “godly”. Thing is, the activities that we participate on do not make us righteous even more because good works aren’t enough and aren’t adequate to save us. And if we think that our deeds equate enough to what Christ has done, then we’re wrong. That’s pride.

(Again, if we are in the position of refusal of things that we don’t idolize something, better yet check our hearts. It’s an everyday thing; “checking our hearts” phrase is definitely a cliché statement to say so, but I believe it is something that we always have to do every now and then, because if we don’t, we are sinning again and it’s called pride.)

Idolizing something is one reason why feel distant from Him. The ideal pleasure of people seek is intimacy and intimacy is what we all feel towards the things we love and do. And yet, genuinely speaking, the ultimate intimacy is found in God. And He should be the only one in our hearts; nothing more, nothing less. 🙂

-Rinnah Ramirez



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