Faith Is The Only Thing They Have

It’s been such a long summer for me and yet I feel shortened for some of my batch mates who just went to school ahead of me since we all are college students already. June has finally come, and few more weeks to go, I’m going to be officially a freshman college.

A lot of students today are totally freaking out because another school year has come to a beginning once more and all are afraid of new challenges, new friends, and probably a new life. However, I’ve met two people from our church that inspired me in terms of education. They are students who are struggling in studying because of lack of finances and, faith is the only the thing they have. Knowing their stories behind their jolly faces, I’ve realized that their journey is not easy. They do their best to get scholarships, to study hard for better grades (or rather to maintain it), and even finally to help their respective families. My heart melted as I hear their stories; their faith burns within them. One told me that whether he wouldn’t be able to study for this semester, he knows God has plans for him because his life is in the hands of the Father. I almost cried because they touched my heart and I thought to myself if I only have the ability to help them through finances, I would. It’s an overwhelming thing to hear from them that yet they lack money, they are made up in fullness in the faith.


As a friend of the two, they make me so proud. I realized that there are things that I’m pretty much unaware of to thank God for, not knowing there are other students out there who need to strive harder just to reach their dreams and goals in life. Some work as a working student just to be able to support themselves in paying their tuition fee; some tutor others just to get money for their needs, while I’m here waiting for my dad’s salary to be out and fee’s already paid. These friends of mine inspired me because there are group of students out there as well who never try to do their part to study, instead they commit themselves into drugs or join people who are bad influence and end up as unfortunate. While these two guys will do everything just to be able to go to school.

I’m very glad and thankful that I met them. Despite of the situation that they are in, trust is the only thing that they can do—trusting God for their lives. How about you? Aren’t you thankful that you’re in school? Aren’t you grateful that you’re in a good condition? Sometimes, all we have to do is to look around our surroundings just to be able to appreciate the little and big things that God entrusted us. Or maybe, you’re also the student who goes through the same situation as my friends, for that, how is your faith? Do something, and He’ll do the rest. Happy school year to you, fellow student! 🙂


-Rinnah Ramirez


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