Flaws, arguments, misunderstandings—part of a family’s journey. I belong to a family where I am the youngest having one older sister, together with my mom and dad happily married for twenty-one years. As a family, our journey together wasn’t and isn’t easy despite of all the happy moments in our lives. There were times when we had to save money by not using credit cards, or not spending on a weekend for food, instead we eat at home. There were times when we had to sacrifice our cravings to watch out our tuition fees. There were times too when we had to live without a housemaid and we actually learned house chores even more. And there were times as well when we fought over something petty that is not supposed to be fight over of.


I am indeed grateful to be part of this family. My parents have come to a lot of sacrifices and gave up their own desires just to provide for my sister and me. In my case, I acclaim my parents because ever since that I came to this world they did their best to provide for me; they spent a lot of money just to have me live with them—operations, check ups, therapies, medicines and such. And until now, they still do their part. And it’s an honor because having my parents with me is such a privilege and a blessing. I know that there are times where I’m so stubborn at home and yet, their love for us is simply superb. At times, when my back hurts, either my mom or dad would simply massage it just for me to get better and sleep well afterwards. They would even tell me to bring pillow at school even though I thought it was something embarrassing. There were moments too when they cried with us when my sister and I have just come to a point of broken hearts (not only because of a guy, of course).

My parents and my sister are blessings to me. In fact, my sister would even protect me from people who treat me cruelly when I was a kid (even until this age); she would even try to act so manly just to fight them for me. My family would really show their love for each of the members at home because that’s how God loved us—a love that is unconditional. We didn’t choose this kind of journey, and it wasn’t easy as falling of a log, but it’s an overwhelming thing to know that despite of the challenges we face, we remain one. We remain bonded in the love of God, and it’s His grace that abounds in each of us that we conquer mountains each and everyday.


It’s even funny especially now my sister works, she’d even contact all of us and she’d schedule a date for us. And I believe that’s how we both grew up—a family who spends quality time. This family has gone through a lot and I’m sure your families had gone through a lot as well. Your challenges may be even harder or different than we had, but at the end of it all, I believe that when God is the center of your family, that’s where it’s going to fall—His unending love. It won’t be easy, but it’ll be worth it. When one falls, you’d help; when one cries, you cry over and comfort them; and when one is victorious, everybody rejoices.


A family is not limited to our biological ones but even the spiritual ones—church. Indeed, a family that is Christ-centered, stays together. My family in church is one of the families whose awesomeness is awesome—a family that prays, worships, and stands together as one. A family that share lives, encourage when one’s down, and believe in each other when someone tells us we’re not worth it. These are the families I have, families who build up one, and families who give a lending hand. 🙂


“Ohana means family, and family means no one gets left behind or forgotten.”


-Rinnah Ramirez


One Reply to “Ohana”

  1. Rinnah, I am so proud of you. Thank you so much because your writing gives so much encourgement to us as your parents. We love you and you are indeed part of who we are before God. You are highly blessed by the Lord!

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