Maturity in Womanliness

As a growing up teenager, I’ve come to a lot of realizations of being a young lady and being girl friends to both boys and girls. Few more months and I’ll be part of the legal ages. Time flies and my parents’ baby (the youngest) will be an adult sooner or later. I believe that the values I’ve learned for the past seventeen years will continue to increase as I age year by year.

Being women of this world is somewhat a big deal for most of us: a socialist. But being a woman of God, I believe, is having a quiet and gentle spirit, strong faith and passion, and whose love is contagious. Having my mom with me, I’ve learned numerous things from her, and some of them are about service and joy. She serves us with a great joy in her heart—not a burden, but joy, that despite of all our mess on the table or in our rooms or even in our personal lives, she continues to demand herself to clean it up for us but doing it with love (although, it’s just normal to hear her get mad because of our stubbornness). Seriously though, I’m pretty sure that being a mom for twenty years is such a hard job. Not just a mom, but also her service reaches beyond our home. In fact, her assistance and guidance have come to reach the outside world. She has given a lending hand to people who are in need and I admire her for that.

Service and joy are one of the fewest things I could mention what values I’ve acquired from her, yet not to mention, my mom has become a model of maturity in womanliness. My mom would sometimes rebuke me not to be attached to guys. (Mind you, I’m closer with guy friends than girls) At first, I was a bit puzzled by it. She would even tell to be careful when I talk to them. I thought it was wrong, but it wasn’t. And I’ve come to realize that she was just trying to protect me from falling in love at the wrong time (if that’s the right phrase for that) and was also trying to protect me from heartbreaks. Talk about mother’s instinct. *wink* It wasn’t agreeable to me at first, but her words of wisdom are becoming valid to me little by little. Her words are becoming clear to me. Mom is not a boy hater, I must say. What she meant about not to be attached to boys is in terms of emotions—guarding our hearts. There was even a time that I didn’t follow what she said, and little did I know, it was one heartbreak for me. Sometimes, she would even observe me with my actions when I’m around guys. It was so weird and uncomfortable for me before, but I came to a point where I just really appreciated my mom because she corrected me with my manners and behavior. And I salute her for being mature in terms of femininity.


Being a woman of God is such a one privilege because we wear the crowns of being a royalty, of being part of His kingdom. Being His woman is not just about being conservative in the way we dress, but also in the way we speak and the way we act. I believe that as women, we don’t always use our hearts, but also minds. We have been given brains to think and we have been also given hearts to feel. We think what’s right and just, and yet we also opt to decide in terms of discernment. Women are very discerning, I’m sure. But there’s a downside to that: assuming. That is the main reason why our hearts always get broken, am I right? It is because we always give in, instead of anticipating yet of what’s going to happen next. Moreover, let us not be overwhelmed when our crushes say hi to us. Chill. Remember, its normal, because we’re all beautiful. No doubts when a guy admires you, girl. 🙂

Having the mindset of a man is also part of being mature as a woman. I know that women are sentimental, but then, it’s time to grow up emotionally. Let’s avoid being melodramatic and know that our time is too short yet precious to spend being sad all the time. It’s okay to cry sometimes. Just cry the whole time you want, after that, move on. Spend your life being happy; serve with joy; do things with a smile on your face; and act like a lady but think like a man.



-Rinnah Ramirez 🙂


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