The Beauty of Waiting

People these days believe in 11:11, wish upon a star, or a coin being thrown to the well. For some reason, people want to get what they want in life in a snap, because for humans like us, we want something that is immediate and fast. In fact, we all have things that are accessible and efficient in an instant. For example, instant noodles, instant coffee, fast food, and the like. We don’t like waiting; we hate waiting for so long especially when it’s been years that you’ve been wishing or praying to God about the desires of your heart. While it is true that it is indeed tiring and wearisome waiting for something that we’re not even sure if it’s going to come to pass, our lives are still in the hands of the One who created this world, and we must be certain that He’ll do what He says. But how are we sure that He’ll answer our prayers sooner or later? How do we see waiting as something worth it?

Fear and anxiety (though they both are almost synonymously the same) are one of the fewest things I could think of when waiting. Fear, because we are afraid that we might get a different thing rather than the specific request we asked before God. We are afraid that we might not get what we want rather than what He wants. We’re too scared to let God drive the wall when in fact He should be the one taking the shots in our lives. Anxiety, because we’re not confident and convinced that God answers prayers. We worry because we don’t know if He’s actually doing something behind the scenes. We are impatient enough to get what we want rather than training ourselves to be patient. We often lose sleep because we overthink of what’s going to happen to the things we are one hundred percent uncontrollable of.

And I believe fear and anxiety boil waiting down to the word, FAITH.

Having said that, faith is something we hope for even though we don’t see it yet happening physically. Faith is something we see from afar and believing that it has become ours. I’ve seen miracles upon miracles, prayer requests to answered prayers, from lost to saved, that happened to a lot of people I know and I don’t know.

3group_Waiting for the Barbarians_2

We all have those desires that we want God to answer: salvation in our households, healing emotionally and physically, chains to be broken, eyes be opened, provision, favor, and grace. But at the end of it all, the ultimate desire that we should always long for each day is to let His will be done over our families, in our workplaces, and in our personal lives. It is because at the end of the day, He’s the one who has the dominance in each and every thing. He is the Lord—the one who makes the final decision.

It’s not easy to wait; it’s not easy to believe something that’s going to happen that we’re not even certain of. It won’t be easy; it’ll be difficult. I am definitely not the perfect example of waiting because I also lack patience, yet when we wait upon the Lord, we will ALL see the beauty of waiting; we will ALL see that beautiful things really happen in His perfect time. God honors our hearts and we just have to know that He’s sovereign, and all we have got to do is trust Him.

Without faith, it’s impossible to please God. Ask Him to increase your faith when you feel like you’re hopeless.

Know that He is God, and He will never alter what His lips have uttered. What He says, He will do. If He can turn an atheist to come to know Him, how much more the salvation of your family? Or your best friend? If He can provide at the very last minute of our due payments, how much more the bills in the hospital? If He can capture the hearts of the adults to come to know Him, how much more the young students of the world?

There are things that we will never understand and grasp with our own human thinking, but let us be secure that His thoughts will never ever be our thoughts, because the way He plans and the way He thinks outlast our dreams and goals in life. There are questions that might always keep us hanging, but know that God moves in mysterious and in a lot of ways and we can never put Him in a box—He’s more than that; He’s more than the spaces in the Milky Way. 😉

Keep waiting but at the same time, keep the faith.

–Rinnah Ramirez 🙂



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