Its a Relationship…what?

High standards have been part of my vocabulary ever since; but there were few times in my life where I felt like my standards aren’t supposed to be a qualification required when it comes to guy stuff. My father has shown his children (me and my sister) as an example of what kind of man we want to marry in the future. I have my parents with me whose faith is the same with one. Curiosity had struck me, and I asked myself why it is important to have the same faith when you’re engaged to a relationship. Little by little, I came to realize the importance of having the same belief and conviction with the one you are committed in.

I’ve witnessed how my parents’ love story went and goes imperfect yet centered on the love of Christ. I’ve seen couples dedicate their relationship to the One who is supposed to be involved in their journey. I’ve seen partners celebrate their silver and golden anniversary together with their families and close friends. On the other edge of the world, I’ve heard lots of stories between husband and wife breaking up and ending up signing a divorce paper because Christ wasn’t the core of their relationship and their hearts.

relationship readiness

Years back, I was looking for something within me that I couldn’t find at all. I tried to find it with other people and with material things but it seemed incomplete and insufficient. Little did I know, I was looking for love. I depended my identity on the love of people—of the crushes I had. Truth be told, my family had shown love and care for me, but a person or a friend that would appreciate and love me for who I was, I didn’t feel someone values me because I was trying my best with my own strength to find what would make me feel whole. I was oblivious to the significance of people who cared for me, that’s why I felt that way. It was the reason why I didn’t feel valued and didn’t believe that I have worth because I was trying to look for something that only in Christ could be found.

As I encountered God Himself last 2012, He showed me that it is only Him that would satisfy my longings and desires. God has proved me that no man, even my dad, will be able to make me feel whole like He completes me. I finally came to understand the logic behind the story of my parents together. I finally came to know that before God gives you a spouse, we must and should be filled with satisfaction and joy in God Himself, not in the person we love the most. And I finally came to realize the essence of God being the center of our relationships. It is because our relationship is something we want to share with Christ; it’s a relationship we want Him to be involved of; it’s a relationship where you wouldn’t want to be ashamed of what you believe in and what you stand for; it’s a relationship where your desires are both to grow together in purity and in the perfect love of God; Jesus Christ is that Someone you want to encounter together with your partner.

Don’t be ashamed of the Good News. You’re meant to grow together in light of the Gospel. 🙂


-Rinnah Ramirez 🙂


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