The First Time

First times. Do you remember the first time you rode in a roller coaster? The first time your parents spanked you? The first time you cried over your broken toy? The first time your heart broke? The first time when you learned the thing you really want to do?

Do you remember all the first times in your life?

But do you remember the first time you encountered God?

It’s been two years and three months the time I encountered God Himself. It was during camp. My experience was unforgettable and unbelievable. Unforgettable, because it was the first time the Holy Spirit let me fall down on my knees without me noticing it, and it was the first time I cried so much realizing of what Christ did for a sinner like me. It was unbelievable, because it was the time when He actually picked me up from the mud full of dirt and mess knowing the fact I’m not even deserving of His love, that I’m not even worth of His attention and value.

Encounter with God on a specific time and place shouldn’t end to where it had started. Encountering God is an everyday thing. Experiencing Him is a continuous journey. In fact, once you accept Him to be your Lord, it won’t and it doesn’t end your voyage there. The feeling of satisfaction and whole during the time you encountered God should be the same feeling as we walk with Him each day.

It’s a journey of travelling and exploring. But then, God didn’t promise that there would be no challenges in life. We’ll still go through obstacles, but He promised that He’d be with us, that He’d be the One to give us the strength to surpass everything, that He’d be the One to secure us when insecurities come to destroy and shake us.

Take heart. This is not our battle to fight on, but it’s His. He’ll be the One to win everything for us. In fact, He has already won the victory—we already won. Don’t be discouraged or afraid when giants come your way because God is bigger than those. Magnify Him instead of magnifying your giants. Experience God in your situation like the way you’ve experienced Him for the very first time.

In times of trouble and disaster, it’s hard to see God in the situation, yet He’s involved in those moments because He’s part of you. He’s involved even in the darkest hours you have when you’re alone in your room. He seems very invisible and quiet when things fall apart at times. But He’s there. There was no time that He was absent. He just wants to see you call Him out and acknowledge that He’s God. Not that, God is an attention-seeker, but because He’s the One in control and sovereign in you because you’ve declared Him to be part of your life from the very beginning. And He wants you to call upon His Name that you may see His glory in your problems. He wants you to call Him because He wants to show you that He’s the Only One you can call upon anytime, not just in times of hardships.

God’s love never fades, not even when the sun rises or the sun shines. It’s always new every morning. And if it’s new every time we wake up, then it’s another first time for you to encounter Him again.

Enjoy your encounter with Him everyday. 🙂

-Rinnah Ramirez


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