He Must Become Greater

God never became lesser than everyone else in spite the world’s victories in life. Let me tell you a story where I saw God’s glory amidst of hurdles. For the past three years, I’ve been thinking of running in our student government in school. But it seemed that it wasn’t God’s time for me yet during high school. And now that I am a fresh graduate from high school, I thought again about running in my university. It was an arduous journey yet worth it.

Before the college feels had even started, one of our officers in my course asked me if I have plans to run as a 1st year level representative because she saw what I could do. And I did; I did have plans. I responded with complete honesty despite the confusion I was feeling that moment. She told me that I have the potential although she didn’t totally know me personally yet. But it had blessed me during that time because before I even went to school, someone already believed in my capability. I really sought God about this; I wanted His will to be done rather than mine.

June 21st, I had my quiet time asking God if it’s really His plan for me to run as a freshman representative. With the worship songs as my background music, I asked Him if I’m going to win. Of course, who else would want to be defeated at the end of the battle? I honestly wasn’t minding what the next song was after another. All of a sudden, He responded to me and said, “I’m going to win this battle for you. Just obey.” I was anxious after hearing what He said. Next thing I know, the song came to the chorus part: GIVE ME FAITH TO TRUST WHAT YOU SAY. I smiled. It was funny. It was so timely after doubting and hearing God’s voice all at the same time. I told God that I suck at time management and knowing my priorities. I was sure that He knew it. He knew what I was weak in. Yet the next song was, Strength of my Life. Mind you, it was shuffled. In the part where the singer sings “Great are You Lord over all…” I was reminded that He’s Sovereign. And another small voice came to speak, “This is not about you, but Me.” I was at loss for words, but deep inside of me, I had scores of questions. I kept reticent for a while and interrogated God again what I am going to do when I win. Guess what, the song was Beneath the Waters (I Will Rise). God was speaking to me through the songs. In that part, He told me I’ll stand to testify in my campus. It gave me truthfully a hard time to accept everything I was hearing, but I had to trust Him. Right after all the overwhelming answers of God to my questions, I took a break.

Hours passed by, and I had my quiet time again; this time, I read my Bible. Having my daily reading plan, I came exactly to read Ecclesiastes 8, which says…

“Obey the king’s command, I say, because you took an oath before God. Do not be in a hurry to leave the king’s presence. Do not stand up for a bad cause, for he will do whatever He pleases. Since a king’s word is supreme, who can say to him, “What are you doing?””

I had no escape. I had to obey. God was telling me to GO.

The first few weeks in school, God already made me feel His heart for my campus. He made me feel what breaks His heart and that decided me, finally, to run.

I applied, got interviewed, got qualified and the Electoral Board let me choose a party. And I chose one, and the party interviewed me. Little did I know, both parties already had candidates. The party that I chose thought about letting me join in their team but then, I ended up as an independent—no party, no support, no team. I found out that I was running alone one day before the releasing of the official list of candidates. I felt puzzled; I honestly felt I was left in the air, but a voice whispered in my ear and said, “You don’t need a party, I am with you.”

And right that moment, I came to realize that God is already on my team and that I could say I was more than enough. I was at doubt, but all I need to do was to let go and let God.

During the preparation, I had lots of conflicts and problems. I knew in myself that I had to hold on to what God had told me. My mom and I had arguments because I was independent. She was feeling bad for me because she didn’t want me to feel that I was alone, but then I still had to cling on to His word. Good thing was, my Dad was able to come in between two of us and finally settled everything. I told my Dad that I got a word from God and he understood. In the end, my parents supported me.

My preparation for my campaign was difficult. From the bad weather, to suspended classes, to tarpaulin, to flyers, and to money, all at last minute. What I had to do was to lift everything to God. I only had one tarpaulin all around the campus, while everyone else in other parties had numerous of tarpaulins around.

I told God that whatever might happen, the whole point of running wasn’t about winning, but learning. I didn’t know what God was teaching me. But then I reminded myself, if it’s His will that I’m going to lose, I’m going to lose, but I knew and I was certain that I’ll learn something from this.

Realizing that there are no accidents in God motivated me even more to finish what I had started. I knew God has plans for me. Yes, I was independent, but He made me perceive to depend on Him rather than on the parties.

24th of July came by, it was the room-to-room campaign. It was a humbling experience for me that very day. From students, to schoolmates, to professors, I saw God’s glory; I saw His grace unfold in my situation. From school, to corridors, to streets, to mall, the students greeted and told me that they voted for me. It was all definitely unexpected. Despite what I am, His grace was sufficient for me. And I was reminded again of what everything God had told me beforehand.

26th of July was the releasing of the final results.



225 votes – ME.

187 – second candidate.

185 – third candidate.

First time in history, an independent candidate won with the highest votes. I couldn’t explain what I was feeling, and still am. I was bereft of speech. Out of all the six candidates having their parties along the way, an independent candidate, I, succeeded and ranked the highest votes. After a long voyage, it was all worth it. The hardships, the pain, the conflicts, the negative comments, I thank God because He gave me the faith I am supposed to have. And I remembered again what He told me, “I’m going to win this battle for you.”

And He did. He really did win this for me.

When I asked Him to show His glory in my difficult situation, He revealed it. When I asked for His grace, He gave it. When I asked for provision, He did provide. When I asked Him to support me, He held my feet firm until the end.


It is, indeed, a humbling occurrence for me. I am weak but He is strong. He is greater, and He always must be. I knew that God knows what I went through years back. After having a door-to-door campaign for almost twenty rooms, my past experiences came to life again; I remembered them. I knew that God saw how people laughed and embarrassed me in front of the class during my elementary years that caused me to fear the crowd and to speak; I knew that God felt how my heart was torn into pieces, but here He comes redeeming and pushing me to the person He wants me to be. And I’m very privileged and honored to be used by God to be an extension of His service and love to the people His heart also beats for.

Truly I can say, He must become greater, and I must become less.

To God be the glory!

-Rinnah Ramirez


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