One Student At A Time

My first semester has finally ended today and I’m back to blogging considering myself  a survivor of the five-month school yet!! My first sem was not easy; it was difficult in general—academics, people, environment, and not to mention, its spiritual battle each day. However, it was a one worthwhile voyage walking together with God amidst of adversities. From the very day I won in the Student Council, I’ve seen God move in every way—in His most mysterious yet loving way for me to encounter Him everyday. But it was more than that; He paved the way for me to share His love to my blockmates and to my friends. It’s overwhelming to know that God uses us in the oblivious way we could ever imagine. Often times, I think about how I am going to start the conversation and interject the Gospel into it.

On the 4th of October, it was my 18th birthday. It was a normal day, honestly. I celebrated it with my friends in a very simple manner. At first, I celebrated it with my blockmates on lunch. We were seven of us. To be frank, I had a difficult time if I was going to combine the celebration together with my blockmates and churchmates. However, God impressed me something to invite my blockmates on lunch instead, so that I may also invite them to church afterwards since the service starts at 3pm.

To make the long short, they attended. I didn’t know God was already moving in their hearts and they were just crying inside. I thought there was no effect because they were just standing there and observing even at the time of praise and worship. And I was standing in the gap, interceding for them. Little did I realize, they started telling me about what they felt about the presence of God being so evident after that very day. I was so surprised. I didn’t know all the prayers that I’ve been planting in their hearts from the very start, God was already making it grow little by little, and I am seeing His hand being perceptible in their lives.

When I was asked to blow my birthday cake and make a wish beforehand, I had no other thing in mind but my blockmates to come to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. I don’t know, but it was just that.

It all started with a prayer for each one of them and God is so faithful because He answers it. It’s funny how my blockmates call it “conversion” because some of them would like to “convert” from their religion to mine; but, in reality, faith is not an affiliation but based on the heart.

uI’ve seen God opened doors for me to share the Gospel to my friends in the campus. It broke my heart when they started unravel their life stories and opening up to me so stouthearted. Some are depressed because their families are too chaotic that they miss to feel the love and care from their parents; some has the difficulties to forgive their fathers/mothers because of their experience when they were younger; some has bitterness in their hearts because what only matters in their family is money alone. And a lot of them are too desperate to feel the love that is everlasting and unconditional. Many of them claim to be happy when they’re actually not at all. But realizing all these things gave me the force to let His love overflow each day because when people see God in us, we’re planting a seed already that will last for eternity. We may not see it as a totally grown up plant yet, but it’d last forever.

One time, when I was alone in the Student Council office, I silently prayed and laid my hands on to every officer’s locker and spoke blessings, and salvation, above all. It’s so refreshing when God lets us refresh others without them knowing it. I’ve always reminded myself that sharing the Gospel is not about me, not even my story; but Him. Though I may have my own struggles too; even sometimes I am at the edge of swearing like everybody does, but what makes me do the right thing is because God is unfailingly reminding me to be His representative on earth and for that, I am grateful. I’ve attested that His grace is more than enough to run away from the temptations that the world is trying to offer.

Yesterday, we had our Communication Skills exam and we just had to write two essays. The first part was about our professor, and the second was our deepest desire. I thought for few minutes about the second part of the exam. I asked myself, “What is that one thing I desire the most?” Boom. I found the answer. I realized that I long to seek God more than anything else—more than man, fame, success, and relationships. I long to see people being transformed by God the way He has transformed me. And I am craving to stumble upon the day to witness the transformation of every student in my campus.

Sembreak has just started for some of us, but God has taught me something while I was journeying with the people I’ve reached out: First, pray unceasingly. You never know how long it’s going to go and how much it’s going to impact their lives one day. Second, learn how to trust God. Learn to surrender all your fears because when you do, God will allow Himself to manifest in your conversations with others. And lastly, DEVOTION. Feed yourself with God’s Word that you may shield yourself against the arrows of the enemy and have the readiness to minister to people.

Conquer your campuses for God! One student at a time. 🙂

-Rinnah Ramirez


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