Strength From Above

Being a literal “freshman” in college, it honestly took a lot of time for me to adjust. Without pretence, I wasn’t that culture-shocked when I entered my new “season”, but the totality of occurrences always stressed me out. It was as if I couldn’t bear the “worldly things” that were happening anymore. I always felt the feeling of wanting to go home because my strength came to reduce back to zero everyday. I felt like I needed rest that I never thought it was temporary. I came to a point where I suddenly stopped having my quiet time because I felt I was so unclean before God; but each time I wake up, He reminds me that He’s just there, and I always end up going back and resting on His relentless love. But since I am human and have the tendency to run away from God, I felt the oblivion in me finding the strength I needed to be filled with. Although I knew the exact answer where to find it, I still kept looking for it on other paraphernalia such as friends, social media, and food (hehe). I was finding comfort from things that I thought comforted me; unfortunately I didn’t find the contentment. Maybe it did, but it was just for few hours or days that satisfied me. And here God was, noting unending reminders that He’s the only One who can fill the vacancy I was feeling.

Often times, we forget that the only way to be strong is through Him. Usually, we get drained easily even in the snap of the world’s finger that would lead us up to failing; we occasionally find strength from the whole lot that is short-term, when the strength we actually all need is the strength from above, and that is from Christ who gives us the ability to surpass and conquer things of this world.

On my first semester, the force of the society got the best out of me. I got pumped off; I always felt drowsy; I spent my time in the wrong things; I used up some of my hours overthinking; I caught myself being so unproductive everyday—all just because I was finding the strength in the wrong places that never filled me at all.

There were days when I tried drawing my energy from my own success and blessings instead from God. There were times when I got sick of drawing my strength from Him just because I felt tired and fed up. Perhaps, you have experienced or felt the way I did. Truthfully, I know in myself I settled on staying in the misleading pavements that weren’t pleasing to God. However, in the end I found myself to be in His grace resting and charging myself in His strength.

God’s weight of His potency is more than enough and its bulk flows like a river. It gets us keep going even we experience hardships and nonsense situations. It is because His strength sustains us at the end of the day. That’s what I love about God, we can be secure when we take refuge in Him. Even in our times of vulnerabilities, He’s the force that we cling on to.
Find your strength from the Eternal One more than those temporaries. 🙂

-Rinnah Ramirez 🙂


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