The Resurrection

No, it’s not Holy Week or a traditional month of “remembering” the greatest miracle in the New Testament. This is a reminder about what Christ has done and what response we should have.

Numerous lives have wasted their time being disappointed, insecure, worrying, overthinking and letting themselves be stuck in a circumstance who don’t decide to move on. I, myself, have been involved in darkness wherein I couldn’t see a little spark because I chose not to see it. I wasn’t blind, truth be told. But I chose to be blind because I felt alone and I felt no one would have a solution to my problem. I just chose to blind myself from the Truth because I want something new to hear; I want something that isn’t cliché advice to my problems because at times I get sick of hearing the Word of God. I feel I’m mature enough when I am not yet. Familiar? Although insecurities tried to conquer my security in Christ, fear conquering my faith, doubt over belief—at some point, I knew the answer to that—surrender and let God move. But why do I, we, keep on forgetting the essence of the resurrection in our lives when Christ has already won it all—when He has quelled death, discomposure, skepticism, timidity, and agony.

The truth is, we never forget. We just let the enemy hinder us from working out our way to the goal of victory. We let the enemy consume our minds by his lies. Fact is, we have the victory. But we work it out continuously not just because the battle has already won the triumph; but also because the enemy never gives up from destroying, killing and stealing our dreams, our faith, our confidence, and our joy. The enemy never stops because He never wants us to continue our relationship with God; even when he knows we are already victorious. As long as there is an enemy, we will keep on fighting because Christ has first fought for us on the cross. And the power of the resurrection should give us the motivation to work out what God has worked in us.

Lately, I’ve been reminded of His great love in my life. Honestly, I’d always ask myself questions why, what ifs, and my own doubts unraveling in my head and I felt like getting my sword to fight on. I was weak, and still am; that’s however without Christ. But I am strong and will always be, when I declare and know that there is a God who resurrected from the dead after three days for me to rise up from my own suffocation in fear and incertitude. There will always be times when lies try to darkened my mind from the real Truth just because I let myself be defeated knowing I am not deserving in my position in Christ, and that I am not worthy as a woman of something that God has given me. Yet, thank God for grace. Grace that is more than enough in my own puniness and enfeeblements. Because of what He has done, and because He rose from the grave, I can always declare the Gospel to myself. WE can always preach the greatest miracle on earth, which is The Resurrection, to ourselves. Because of The Resurrection, we can always be assured that our God is alive and He is always available to fight for us everyday.

Why let darkness conquer the light in you, when the Light itself conquered everything for you? 🙂

-Rinnah Ramirez


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