Every Part of You is Magical

Meanwhile I was checking my notifications out last Monday, my Facebook says God wants you to know… Normally, I’d open it and see what God’s revelation for me for the day. However, I felt like not opening it but one whisper was trying to convince me to click the link. Fine. *opens the notification*

“Every part of you is magical. Yes, even the parts that hurt, even the ones that are feeling disease right now. It’s alright to love what is in pain. More than alright, that’s exactly where your love is needed the most. So why not touch that part hurts and smile at it, at yourself through it, and whisper: I love you.”

I am not sure if you’ve received some kind of message like this the past few days, but this is what I saw. And in that moment, I felt like God was telling me to touch one part of me that hurts so much—one part that people look at with curiosity. It was hard; it was hard to say I love that part, ‘cause I never did.

Little did I realize, the message wasn’t just for me; but for you. I came to a point of realizing that there is always a part of us that suffers in pain; whether we want to feel it or be numb about it. I don’t know about you, you might be feeling what I felt when I read the message for the day; or you might be feeling another pain internally. But whatever it is, our bodies are given by God—to be loved. We may not like the way He created us sometimes; we may not appreciate the beauty of His creation in us; we may not like the pain that we’re experiencing; we may ask God sea of whys questions, but one thing that I can assure you: every part of you is not just magical, but beautiful.

Suffering from heartbreak? Take good care of your heart because you only have one. Take time to love and care for yourself before loving others so much. Can’t look at yourself in the reflection? Darling, you are ever beautiful (and yes even the men). You are perfectly imperfect but you are wonderful. Chin up. Hate your weight? You’re not alone; don’t let your poundage dictate your life. Be healthy.

There are a lot of reasons we can hate God about especially the “imperfect” creation that we aren’t usually thankful for. But more than the hate, the pain, and the suffering you feel, try to tell yourself that you are loved. Loved, in a way that every bit of you is ever amazing and delightful.

I encourage you to spend time looking at the sky, or the trees and let it refresh you that life is imperfect yet beautiful like we all are.

“I love you.” Say that with me, and touch that part where you want it to feel the love even more.


-Rinnah Ramirez


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