We Are More Than We Could Ever Beg People For

Days ago, someone asked me what I’ve learned for the past nineteen years of my existence. Something popped out my head over the blue and immediately said, “love yourself.” Many people today are blinded from such worth instilled within them; a lot are unaware of importance and value that they have that cause several hearts broken, souls crushed and expectations demoted.

Months before, I remember learning things about my own essence as an individual, I hope you learn from this as well: you can’t beg someone to love you or to see your worth just because you think you deserve to be seen as special. You can’t persuade someone to see your charm behind toughness neither proving yourself that you are unique and remarkable just because you believe that you are. You can’t beg people to see your worth when you yourself don’t. You don’t have to fight so hard to show what you are made of neither fight strong that you deserve what you think you deserve receiving. You don’t have to ask someone to exert an effort for you when they don’t acknowledge that you are worth their time and sweat at all.

Often times, we don’t have to feel that we are deeply loved; we just have to know. Period.

As coloring pencils are shattered as they minimize each day of usage, they still color the same. As well as a diamond that is in need to be broken for boutique purposes, it doesn’t lessen its value of being a diamond – it doesn’t decrease their worth and significance because no matter how it gets fragmented, they’re still priceless and treasured.

In unfulfilled promises, lies tumbled upon the lips of the one we love, hopes devastated, behind all that I would see a deeper bravery in you despite. (I hope and pray you see that within yourself, too.)

You have to see your worth even when no one else will – even when people fail you – even when situations turn your life upside down – even when people put you into the last list of their priorities – even when others say you’re not enough – you have to see through the eyes of something greater and bigger that you are significant. No one will able to convince you but yourself alone – your heart and your eyes.

It’s pathetic when someone doesn’t see you the way you should be looked at; but it’s more pathetic when you don’t know what beauty and strength you possess. Don’t spend time trying to prove and debate all over and over again that you are cherished and a beloved; you are worth more than that. You are worth more than every promise torn, every second wasted, every tear you shed in betrayal and every fear you conceal. You are more than that; and if you see that you can dance gracefully amidst of storm; climb mountains in modesty; royal but lionhearted in war; manage to stand in your quivery knees – then that’s the moment you realize that you can stand up on your own, and love yourself without asking someone to love you and see your value.

In fact, it’s only ourselves who should learn how to stand on our own ground – to rise up with fearless hearts and become one person who is complete and whole without asking anyone to fill the void inside you – only if we know we are more than we could ever beg people for.
-Rinnah Ramirez 😊


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