One Message

Many people are astonished by the fact that from being this girl who was scared of the crowd is now the woman you see on stage and boldly, as they define it, share the Gospel. As much as the evidence would try to startle people, it wasn’t as easy it was before becoming this strong and dauntless woman everyone thinks of. In fact, before God brought me to this phase of bravery and courage to face my fears, He had to break, shake and build me to become the person He wants me to be. He had to make me realize things that I am more than capable of what I think I am good at; He had to make me see things through His perspective and not mine; He had to let me feel His breaking heart for the world to motivate me to move now.

Truth be told, God can transform a nobody to a somebody; though we should all know that certainly there will always be that darkest moment in a life that saw the light for revival and be brought back from the edge of death; and ascertaining that there is victory that was won centuries ago.

All this fearlessness and spirited woman that everyone defines, only One Message brought me at the very point where I am now – the Gospel.

Truly, the Gospel changes people from the inside out; whether we like it or not; and to whether we try to run away from it or go for it. Questions arise how Christians are redeemed to where they were as trashes, down at heel, miserable and impure to becoming someone royal, mighty, ecstatic and upright. To whatever reason why our stories contained dirt and filth, the Gospel turn our mess into messages – messages of deliverance, redemption, freedom, faith and boldness. For someone to be able to find his purpose in God is to be able to realize how big and great the plans of God are for him, plans that would take away anxiety and dread from the inside. For someone to be able to reach a family to nations is to be able to see how much God has given him power and influence.

All these things point back to the Gospel – it boil down to what it is behind of change, because the Gospel takes away fear, upheaval and pain from the past; the Gospel takes us to where God wants us to be in; the Gospel allows us to get out of our comfort zone with assurance and confidence to the hope we surely have; the Gospel allows us to reach thousands until the ends of the earth. And if we only know how powerful the Gospel could bring in our lives and in others, it will allow us to step wide-ragingly and to move radically all for the Gospel – all for the people God looks at with compassion.

Why wait for someone to share if you already exist ready to be used by God?

-Rinnah Ramirez J


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