Shake It Off

I have come to always pound in my head that there’s always a silver lining behind things going through the way of our lives. Times over times, I catch myself dwelling on how terrible my current situation is but ends up standing up again after realizing a million times how sun will rise after it sets the day before, and so should I. I think all of us have been really trying to be optimistic about life but sometimes it doesn’t work that way – it definitely takes time for everything to be fixed. Financial crisis, broken relationships, trust issues, unfulfilled dreams, crushed hopes – they go against how much force we paddle through or how much strength we try to bring to completion across the mountains. But then, all over again, we’d hear this every time but has to be completed into action: there’s something good that will come out of this.

It hurts when we try to believe harder that maybe one day everything’s going to be all right but situations come and smash you otherwise. But we always have to keep in mind that we’re more than our brokenness; we’re more than all the things that try to keep us out and hinder us from greatness; we’re more than those people who leave us; we’re more than those promises that weren’t fulfilled; and more than all the hopes that gave us butterflies in our everyday lives. Day by day, I am thinking how this could possibly mold us to better people from the devastated and dumbfounded we were. Then I’ve realized, once we’ve understood that there are more important things than we feel and we go through, that’s the moment we are stepping up ahead to the summit of purpose. A lot of people do not realize the power and influence they have just because they have a limited scope of the bigger picture of existence. We just have to shake everything off and pay attention to brighter things that are set before us – the greater joy, greater glory, greater strength that comes from the Source.

It’s hard to clobber everything into mind when we don’t allow ourselves to see the positivity in the negativity. Only we can do that when we acknowledge that we need God to give us the grace to see things through His eyes, not ours. Only we are able to do that when we welcome His presence as our source of comfort and strength even in times of victory and defeat. As what God promised, we can do all things through Him who gives us strength.

Definitely, we can’t and we are nothing apart from Him; it’s time to step into His ability and believe that we are able to face even the biggest trial in life. 🙂

-Rinnah Ramirez


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