Mistakes Are Okay

Over the ages of human’s existence, consequences have always been part of life – disaster, failures, and pain. There’s no way of protecting ourselves from heartbreaks. And how we all wish it were not part of human nature that is ultimately inevitable to go through. But think about how this life would turn out without all these tragedies we have to be in after choosing a path whether aware or unaware of the outcomes of we have ahead. Being wiser, braver and having the spirit of stoicism will never exist unless we experience these catastrophes on earth.

All the days of our lives, we always aspire to have a life-eraser and do things again and make it right, but then we just can’t, simply because there is no such thing as “undo” key in the life we are under in. Unfortunately, regrets come our way when we feel judged again by the mistakes we have done; or worse, feeling condemned when people bring back the past and we feel at the pit of a manhole and we can’t just get out of it for some reason. There will be days that won’t feel like we’d see the sun because of the nightmares we encounter; and there will be nights when we feel alone and everyone would seem to be gone and we feel helpless from our faults. But nonetheless, life goes on and the clock keeps ticking and the earth keeps spinning around and we should keep moving forward no matter how much it’d cost. It’s better for a slow progress of healing than a no progress at all in racing towards the finish line of enduring one specific chapter of your life.

True enough, life has never been easy; life gets unfair; life pushes us to our limits to the point of being torn to give up or try harder. But there will always be that Hope above that will whisper to go on even when it hurts and the pain would be real hard, but we just have to grow through it because life is not just all about going on, but growing despite. People come and go, that’s a fact. But it hurts when they do, right? Our goals fail; our achievements knock down at some point. But it should never be an excuse to stop strolling down life and allowing ourselves to be at the corner of one room and be lonely forever. It’s not an excuse to stop all what we love to do just because failures come the road.

Submitting under the Lordship of Christ will always be hard, but not as hard when we obey. It’d cost a lot, but we will never go wrong in obeying God. When God says we have to let go, then let go. We can’t hold on to something that is temporary. We can’t hold on to our mistakes because they don’t give life to us. But mistakes should serve as our paddle, our motivation, to proceed and walk away from the past. 

Along the way, expect that our mistakes will remind us how bad we were and how terrible our life decisions were but always choose to accept that it’s done and it doesn’t define you. Mistakes are okay; but allow yourself to grow even when it seems to not give you a reason to. 🙂

-Rinnah Ramirez


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