2015 in two words

Someone once asked me what my 2015 is in two words. I have contemplated this for weeks how my year really is in just two basic terms. Certainly, it has been difficult, challenging, heartbreaking, exhausting, and tough year for me – us. But what is 2015 really in a short description?

Finally after weeks of deliberation, meditation and reflection, I have found a precise and perfect explanation to this entire twelve months: God heals.

Pondering on each situation that had happened to me seems like a dramatic and sentimental moment because 2015 is rough and a season of cutbacks. And yet, I found myself still in awe how everything just came into the right place after all the nonsense that drove me wild and crazy.

Healing would be evident when we forgive every single thing that hurt us. Forgiving others seems like a hard thing to do, but as the world is spinning around we as well should move and shouldn’t be stuck in one place just because we don’t want to absolve things. Healing would come when we let go. And healing starts when we allow God to be supreme over the choices we make and the feelings we feel. In fact, healing comes in restoration, reconciliation, and redemption – a restoration to your whole self, reconciliation with the people and passion you love, and redemption to being a progressively new creation of Christ.

Rocky year it may seem, but along the way I’ve held on to what my friend told me: healing is a process. But while it is true that it’s a course of unfolding cure to heartbreaks, I believe that God ultimately desires us to rest in His arms because there is comfort and love in Him that nothing else in this world could try to best offer.

In the middle of a bumpy road, I honestly could say that my faith was terribly shaken; my knees quivered as the giants fell down on my face; my whole life trembled when I smashed into a point of stumbling blocks that were unfathomable that I came running questioning God of so many whys and whens and what’s nexts. But in the journey of waiting for what’s up with my existence, I deeply discovered how life is like with God being the Healer that I need and how life is like without Him trying to cure my own wounds in my own strength.

Literally for twelve months did I find how God is faithful in fulfilling His promise that I will be dancing through in the midst of chaos and disaster and reassuring me that greater things are yet to come only if I allow Him to pick up my broken fragments and restore it to the whole original yet more beautiful form, reconciling me back to His home and redeeming me to the person He has ought me to be. Healing appeared to be an old word and became overfamiliar to me that I forgot whom the Author really of this. In a long period of thorough confinement, I can confidently say now that GOD CERTAINLY HEALS.

Despite my own kind of bashing God and hating everyone including my choices, and myself, I was assured that there is joy in the process of remedy when we magnify the good in the bad; and all the more when we focus on the One who restores, reconciles and redeems. With that, we will get there in the finish line victoriously saying: WE MADE IT. Undoubtedly, healing will come.

Are you ready get back on your feet again for 2016? 🙂


-Rinnah Ramirez


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