Endings are Beginnings

I have lived all throughout my life, at least for almost two decades, believing there’s always something good in the most extremity of living. While it is true that one way or the other, things will fall into place one day, we feel helpless in the moments when we can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel – at the border of one certain story in our lives. Unfortunately, we couldn’t help but be emotional about it and reason out the way our logic understands it.


Endings are sad, because at some point we desired more than an ending – a continuation, surely. A forever. An eternity. But there are things that cannot be brought back and that’s fine. There are things that are meant to end because there are new things ahead that are waiting for us. After all, endings are our starting point to begin writing another chapter of our book and live a happier life than before.


As much as I want to be honest with myself and just break my eardrums from hearing this all over again, I want to remind you (us) that it’s our sanity that will bring us to the next journey only if we allow ourselves to. As much as we all want to stay in the chapter that broke, challenged and made us weak (just because we’re holding onto something we think it’s going to benefit us), we have to go on with our destiny because we aren’t meant to stay on one phase. It’s a choice to make to move forward and live a life that is full of opportunities and adventures to discover ourselves more.


Beginnings are usually scary, but we don’t have to run as fast we’re expected to, because as we go along the race, we will find answers that would make sense why all such hardships had to happen to us. Beginnings are frightening; that’s for sure, but they are there to make us whole and new again. It’s a bit ironic how endings are beginnings. In fact, to explain it further, endings are moments of truth that will lead us towards another beginning of decisive point realizing that we deserve more of the previous chapter.


-Rinnah Ramirez


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