I can’t imagine a world full of boys

Guy friends have surrounded me and I’ve seen them be impassioned and gratified by their own selves. I have seen men fall down and stumble to the things of the world. I have seen men give in to the desires of their flesh. I have seen their peers pressure my friends that prompt them to be boys and act like boys.
I can’t imagine a world full of weak men settling for less and living a life of mediocrity and delicate convictions. We, women, desire men to have stronger principles than to have stronger hormones which lead to nothing but destruction and brokenness. We desire men to consider wisdom extremely dominant over emotions that would lead us to be better individuals. Men, nowadays, are passive and impulsive in such a way that lives have been spent through complacency about their mistakes than embracing it and see through humility.
I feel very helpless to see men become the men of the world whose lives are dedicated to lust and pride. I can’t stand how you allow the world influence you when you’re meant to stand firm to what you have been fighting for since the beginning. I can’t imagine that decades from now, we will have men who will have lives of devastation and waste. I can’t imagine how you will raise up your sons/daughters when you cannot fulfill the calling of a real man today.
The world has been teaching us women to be independent that have led a lot of us not to need you in the near future. The world has taught us to be stronger, harder, and greater than you because we have seen men fall and become useless and whose influence is terribly tremendous that affect every individual to act rudely. At this very generation, women have become obliged to take responsibility of their actions and words because we have seen a lot of fathers fail and break hearts of wives and children because they have failed to become responsible men before they became leaders of the home. And women have now the perception that men are all the same – heartbreakers and failures.
It’s poignant how women try their best to be the best people in the world because few men have the willingness to rise up and have the heart to fight for their roles, and duties as sons, brothers, lovers, and fathers. Can you imagine how much impact you’ll be creating when you stand high as a revolutionary man?
Love has become magical to many women out there than love becoming more intentional that resulted a distorted image of what true love is. Love became a game, pun and prank all because boys have settled that love is a contest that women became trophies. Women have now believed that they are less because that is what majority of today’s men are – less. Now, don’t get me wrong. I have met a lot of men who are mature, responsible, and genuine, but what I’m saying here is the percentage of majority of men I’m giving relevance of, hear our voices that WE NEED YOU. We need men leaders who will dedicate yourselves to become powerful and accountable because you are called to do so. You are called to be the man whose character is humble, not proud; whose love is real, not hollow; whose lives are honest, not corrupt.

-Rinnah Ramirez


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