Love in Today’s Generation

After writing an article about men, today I have set aside a time of speaking out my mind about love, which today’s generation has distorted in a lot of ways. From meeting for the very first time, chatting on Facebook, a boy opening a door for a girl and so forth – relationships were formed immediately and so was the break up. I pity teenagers whose level of perception of love became so disgusting, instant and filled with butterflies without considering the real meaning of commitment.

I have so much to say to this, so please bear with me.

Imagine a kind of love which foundation is unstable – building it in a commitment that was only established on a single day or building it based on emotions just because they made you happy on a single second but cannot endure struggles with you along the way. I am so mad at the decisions that were made (including mine) because of the feelings and beliefs that were all swayed by the world – the decisions of having love becoming now only the idea of forever – not the thought of reality that embraces both hell and heaven situations; that embodies life and death. I pity this generation, including myself, of adopting the culture of merely affection and pinky promises – without realizing the fact that love is more than that – but respect in intimacy and vows that are built on an anchored friendship to becoming secure lovers.

Teenagers have settled on the worse to worst relationships real quick all because we have no basis at all to our choices. Unfortunately, anything that has no basis will fall. Twisted mindsets and warped beliefs have become the values of today. We all have our own excuses- most probably blaming our own families of what we are now, but it is not a valid justification of what kind of choices we make. Father and mother figures are nowhere to be found but we are a new generation that is meant to write a new life-changing love story that aren’t from the products of pain and ravage – without being scared to give your heart even though the very important people in your life destroyed your definition of love.

It isn’t to justify that we are only up to here because that’s what we know. We have seen how mistakes terribly affect the crowd just because of the wrong move. We have seen how consequences dreadfully hurt the people who stood on the fallacious convictions and finally have learned from it. And now are we going to repeat all of those just for the sake of experiencing it?

I pity women whose hearts became staggered after a man promising on how he could give the stars and the skies, which is so surreal and impossible because no man can do that. I pity men whose intentions are so selfish just for them to be called “men” when their definition of becoming a man is not about the number of girls they’ve caught in their arms but strength and wisdom. I pity ourselves for becoming egoistic of love thinking we rightly deserve to be loved. I pity all of us for believing that we should get what we want and we get what we think we are worthy of, without thinking how much it would hurt in the end because we never thought of our decisions at the very first place. I pity this generation for experiencing heartbreaks and heartaches all because of wrong choices of timing, person, feelings and priorities.

We get mad at people for becoming bad people we’ve become because we loved the ‘wrong ones.’ I cannot articulate the fact that we are our own choices but we blame our choices towards the people involved. Love was never rushed, repulsive and proud, and will never be. If we all want a stable kind of love, be the person that is much more stable to its decisions, faith and principles.


-Rinnah Ramirez


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