When emotions become our decisions

In a world full of pressure and coercion to the decisions we make, it is truly important to have values as a basis before settling on. And I’d admit that there were so many times in my life where emotions became my basis instead of the values instilled within. Truth be told, when emotions become the rationale or the foundation of one choice, expect that to be destructed. But when values become the very principal of a decision, we are clear to our goal and the direction to go through. In short, our decisions are surely stable and well constructed.

Many relationships today have come to a point of disconnection and detachment all because problems were solved wrongly through anger and gratification. Many students feel they aren’t capable and intelligent enough that values have vanished and on that account, they say: it is better to cheat than to repeat. Many children have answered back to their parents all because they think they’re in the position to say something “right.” Many social media users have used the freedom of expression to bash others just because they feel greater and more competent than them. Many people today have grown to the grating reality that emotions are the very premise and core to the future.

With the person that I am, human nature given – women are emotional. And thus, to say, I am highly emotional which I am struggling with. I’d regret the times wherein I became very harsh, straightforward without thinking about it first or making a decision without deliberating and contemplating things; thus, having my feelings overpower the sense of ethics. But one thing that I’ve learned the hard way is to compartmentalize all thoughts and sentiments in the right places and to set aside judgments when given a decision to make on my plate. And honestly, I haven’t finished the race of becoming more logical and clever than becoming more melodramatic and temperamental.

Sad to say, pride has become part of my vocabulary and that needs to be broken down to have my choices become the right ones instead of having choices become a regret for a lifetime.

For sure, we all had that experience wherein we become very torn to whether our guts are right or not. Many people say not to decide when you’re too happy or too sad. Right. But whether we would agree to this or not, that’s a very wise advice to take on because feelings are too unstable to handle when it is the basis to everything. And I am personally guilty to all the wrong choices made. I have always been known to be strong in convictions that however led me to be overwhelmed with my emotions that soon stumbled caused by situations that ate me up. But I’m very glad to have people surround me and guide me when it comes to decision making especially when confusion and doubt strike.

My values are strong but being emotional is something that I have to keep fighting against, to be wiser and more strategic. And I would guess, everyone would agree that emotions are very hard to deal with.

With that, I’d leave every reader one more thing: lean on more to deep-rooted values than relying on the feelings that are only momentarily fleeting.


-Rinnah Ramirez


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