Dear Men and Women


Countless of times we have compared one another to each other and how one is greater than the other when in fact both are assets of the industry.

Today, allow me to encourage all of you and myself for the betterment of the world. Allow me to unite both genders and see the best in this.


Let us help the men to step up as men and legitimately believe in their potentials. That they are not just merely leaders of their future homes, but great captains of every community. Let us help them to unleash the best in them by challenging, encouraging and pushing them to their limits. Let us be their number one cheerleaders. Let us shake them to see what they’re capable of and what they’re made of. Let us help them realize that it’s okay to make mistakes and that mistakes don’t make them the worst man in the globe. That it’s okay to be insecure sometimes but let us be one to believe that there’s always good in every man’s heart. That there’s a substance to each man that was created. Be their instrument of strength when weakness becomes their only place to be comforted.


Help us women to see the royalty in us. Unshackle the mindsets that chain us that we are weak. Teach us to be brave and courageous like you in facing trials. Assure us that we are not alone, but we are with you. Help us believe that we are beautiful inside and out. Help us have faith in ourselves that we can be contributors to the society. Applaud and stand for us when we achieve small or big things in life. Empower us to be as strong as you who can also protect and defend what’s ours. Empower us to be women of character, valor and dignity. Push us to our edges that we can be confident as well in facing the crowd – that timidity has no authority over us.

Altogether, empowerment to one another makes the world be at peace and erases the old mindsets of neither who is weak nor who is strong. Besides, we are one. We were made to be one. Though, we fight for different things but once we are the same in beliefs for both parties, we will be able to see the world transform in which we might not expect. Hope will rise once we allow ourselves to be instruments of change. Hope will spring up once we believe that we are better together – that men compliment the women and women compliment the men.

With confidence, I say that when one lifts up the other, we make our societies better. We altogether go through deeper and greater heights for the sake of the generation next to us – who will be good examples as different roles we have in our motherland. I have faith that we will become apparent when we live our lives with integrity and nobility. And I hope you stand with me in this.

If change is absolutely coming, then let’s start now – by starting in ourselves and next to the relationships we are in. And that, through the influences we’d impact, change will definitely loom and stand high.


-Rinnah Ramirez



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