Two Days Ago, I Almost Died

Two days ago, I almost died.

You know how things can be really fast, right? I remember how two big jeepneys were in a rush and almost hit me at 6pm. Together with its flashy front lights attached and glared by it, I saw how I was so at risk that very hour and how my life can change entirely in a snap. I’ve seen how my entire existence could fall apart in the middle of the street. I’ve envisioned that I badly stumbled from the air to the ground right after I was hit. I’ve imagined myself hospitalized, badly injured and bloody. It was the longest yet slowest 5 seconds of my life. It was as if the earth stopped for a moment.

Photo by: Emily Clavel

Honestly, I cannot describe how this year went. I was probably the person who was so relaxed in life because I was exhausted of trying to be brave when I’m not. I was probably the person who at least not cared with every single thing I was involved in. I was probably the person who was living in fear. But after the incident, I realized I have so many things to do, dreams to achieve, people to apologize to, family to thank to, friends to appreciate – I realized I still have the urge to change the world and make an impact to where I am now. My life is never complete when I forget the little yet important things to do that will go for a lifetime.

While I was so bothered being dazzled by the lights, I wasn’t surprisingly afraid. I wasn’t even panicking that I can be swiped away in a second (perhaps because they weren’t blowing their horns). But I felt dreadful after I got safe and got to the end of the street. “That was risky”, I said. I was in shock that I actually got into an almost accident that I never expected myself. I held my heart so tight and breathed in and out to make myself assured that I’m okay. I closed my eyes and uttered, “I’m going home, no matter what. I am going to see my parents at the mall.”

Many times, we have taken our lives for granted; our time being wasted because we know we can do our to-do-list tomorrow. But what if our life ends today? Were we able to speak life, prayed for someone, gave someone a token, or helped a friend today? Were we able to thank them for their lives? Were we able to leave them our footprint in their hearts marking that someone told them they are significant?

I was just wondering if we live our lives like that every day. I guess, we can never be afraid of dying.

Happy New Year, everyone!

-Rinnah Ramirez


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