How Much Are We Willing To Lose?

The other day, I was pondering about a scenario in my life where all the battles I seem to know came rushing into my plate and I had no idea which one to wisely pick. I came to an agreement with myself that when something hinders my growth, I’d have to take all the guts to walk away from it. But really, how are we fully willing to let go of everything in a world of seemingly beautiful to be a part of us? Many experience heartache when relationships had to be apart, giving up a career over another decision, or when we have to hold off things that aren’t better for us, yet the attachment involved. Often times, we are that eager to stay in a toxic aspect in our everyday living just to “feel” better, but the truth is, we don’t – we feel worst. Jokingly, figuratively or either way, they said that the bravest thing they did for love was to stay. That was mind blowing and a heartfelt statement though, but when we dig deeper on that, is that really the bravest thing we could do for love? Staying in someone’s life no matter how tough it is, is in fact a great thing. But staying in their life while your life is falling apart and it decays your growth and transformation as an individual, I could surely say that the bravest thing you could do is to leave. It is to leave and closing the doors and placing a period on the entire chapter of your life from all the things that would block you to reach your fullest potential and to aim the calling that was given to you as a human being. It is better to be hurt now, than to be hurt later.

But here comes the question again, how much are you willing to lose?

How much are you willing to let go to be better?

The decision is yours.

-Rinnah Ramirez


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