When We Finally Realize That Love Is All About Them

We heard so many times that love is when we put others first than ourselves. Often times, you’d hear this from parents who would always want the best for their children. But as we age, we find loving ourselves first rather than others; hence, we cannot give what we don’t have. While it is true that we are to learn loving our very own, there comes a day in our lives when we unearth the reality that love is given, not kept. Then bit by bit, we dig in to a deeper meaning of it – we discover even more the immense kind of love – to serve, to think about one’s sake, to give way, and to forgive – and we’d be in a loop of doing it because we eventually realize that love is not about us anymore, but them.

I would honestly admit that I have personally centered the kind of love I have within myself because circumstances in life drag me down to limit it within my boundary. I’m afraid that the love that I have would be taken advantage or it would be considered worthless. Surely, we are all scared to come across such that event. The problem with us is the comparison of the weight of efforts we exert than the other. Point is, love is not a weighing scale to know the load of the amount of love given and be selfish enough to set side by side how it becomes an obligation to love. Yet the thing about it, it’s not about who gave the most or who gave it less – but it’s about who gave without measuring anything. After all, love is not and cannot be measured. Love is vast.

We mature and we first articulate things and contemplate them and we conclude that we have learned something from the situations we were placed in. Until such day we have emerged to a fully actualized person we were meant to be, and we realize that love is not about us that concerns our priorities, our wants and needs, neither the things that we dream of; but it’s about others that concerns their welfare, safety and well-being.

Imagine a world that gives way to every person – that forgives than to keep grudges against mankind – that validates and acknowledges the reality that love is all about us who cares for one another – that has bloomed to the extent of maturity that love doesn’t revolve on one person but on everyone.

I could just picture a society that serves peacefully; a family that apologizes; married couples that gives more because both of them think their partner deserves the best of them.

Photo by: Trish Ramirez (Instagram: @onetwotrishy)

I think that when we realize that love is all about other people, we are the most selfless that this planet calls humans.

People say that love is unfair, which I believe it is, because love is not always given equally to a person who doesn’t love you back; it doesn’t always give you what you desire; and it doesn’t always give back what you just gave. But that’s what it is – unconditional. To love is to give even it’s not given; to love means to sacrifice even when it’s going to hurt. We must learn to love ourselves but it’s also all about growing up knowing that love is not simply meant for ourselves.

May we have fullness of joy as we extend love. 🙂


-Rinnah Ramirez


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