Rejection Stings

At 2:18PM under the dark clouds and soft lightning were signage of a rainfall in a while. It’s a rainy season this month (in the Philippines), and it seems like my emotions are in one with the weather today.

Do you remember my previous article questioning myself if I was worth something? It’s one of the few questions I have in the entirety of inquiries of life and how this stings.

Rejection has always been a trend, whether we like it or not. Either getting your resume rejected in your dream company, getting busted by a girl in a courtship, getting on the 2nd ranking instead of the 1st because someone got a higher GWA than you, getting an unheard ideas in a meeting because your co-workers feel like you’re not good enough, or getting replaced by a friend to a more popular friend than you are.

It sucks, isn’t it?

Whether we’d like to admit or deny our feelings, the sting of rejection is just there. Little things matter and often times these little and tiny things hurt us the most.

I could recall one time this year when my sister had to date our Mom without telling me (which was supposed to be a sisterly date) and reasoned out that they had to meet an errand from a worker in the house. Then I had to figure it all out, they were having a great time. It sucks because she had to hide it from me. I mean, why could they just tell me knowing that I’ll be fine if I knew? This scenario caused me to overthink and shed tears in my room not knowing exactly why I got hurt. The very prick crossed my heart and I felt that I had to grieve.

I know, it’s petty.


Photo by: Dominik Martin


But I’d like to assure you, wherever place you are coming from, that this feeling is valid. It’s comforting to know that it is. We have all been rejected in infinite of ways possible. And truth be told, this rejection would still be along the way as we head even to the next three decades. Rejection would lack no absences on the day. Sadly, rejection leaves us sometimes unable, hopeless and worthless.

What do we do about it?

I don’t think there’s a formula to avoid it. It’s a place where we find no escape at all and we are forced to face it anyway. Inevitably, it cuts us. It penetrates deeply to the soul that it would remind you once more of the memories where got you declined.

And here we are – another squashing of your entire being again until it destroys you.



But really, does rejection have to ruin us? To hinder us from pursuing our dreams? To hold us back into becoming a greater and bigger person than this? To stop us from growing and learning because life would always be unfair?

I am reminded that the enemy comes to steal, kill and destroy (John 11:11), but Jesus came to give us life. Satan’s plans are always to steal our joy, kill our faith and destroy our hope. Yet, Satan is powerless from the God-given promises given to us – which is we are completely adored, joyfully celebrated and hopeful for the future. And we are that. We are His chosen people, royal priesthood, a holy nation and a people belonging to God (1 Peter 2:9).

And we powerfully declare that we are His children because no amount of declination, and rejection could take His love and His greatness in our lives away. And no amount of His promises could be stolen just because we felt like we have come to an end.

Rejection stings, but the power of His resurrection has the ability to cast it out and make us live like winners.

God’s purposes in our lives are never to hurt and harm us. Rejection is here because we are still in a world that is sinful and failing. But what God wants to believe is that we are wholly accepted by the One who embraces the worst and the best in us.




– Rinnah Ramirez


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