Slower Days: Rhythms of Grace

In a technological kind of world we live in today, it has always been easier for us with faster, quick and immediate services. Never in our lives patience has been such an easy thing. But even in the hasty and breathless routine, we still have the desire to slow down, pause and reflect – go to cafes, libraries in town, catch up with some old friends, watch a movie, go to a park and so on.

One of the things that I enjoy doing recently is admiring the slow days I have while waiting for graduation. While my thesis partner and I work on our research book binding, I still get to enjoy my me time despite the hot weather here in Manila. There have been so many days where I have to rush and work so rapidly, which sometimes lead me to forgetting other urgent things to do and the priorities that I have set beforehand.

But do we even know that in the most overwhelming, speedy and hasty situations, God calls us to slow down for a moment? Learning the rhythms of grace is like learning how the waves flutter and watch them move back and forth the shore. God calls us to trust Him with our place and our pace. I would have to agree in one of the books I’ve read that the slower rhythms of life in Jesus is abiding, delighting and dwelling. In my own version, it’s abiding in His love, delighting in His Word and dwelling in His presence. Among all the adrenaline rushes we have everyday, He tells us to slow down for wiser choices through hearing His voice and knowing His heart.

Working on our dreams and hopes aren’t a bad thing. In fact, God has given that desire in our hearts to dream big and see the best things in life that He has for us. It’s where we get to upgrade ourselves, plan a great future and can contribute change to the society. But as we slow down, we would be able to rest up, quiet our soul, appreciate every little thing, find new perspectives, and see the beauty in the bad. We would be able to see that slowing down gracefully is a gift.

And may that be our response every single time the world requires us to move acceleratingly and swiftly.

Abiding. Delighting. Dwelling.

One of God’s commands is to rest.

Forget first the hustling kind of work. Pause. Slow down. Then resume.


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