Why Do We Focus On God When We Lose Everything

Living a life of busyness, of pleasure and of delight, we have the tendency to focus only on the things that make us go and roll into happiness. Yet when everything’s been stolen or grabbed away, we lose sight of our purpose, of our goals, of our hopes, of who we really are.

I recently had a brunch over a friend; we talked about calling, new things that are about to come and plans for the future. She, then, told a story how a young couple just broke up few months ago. And she asked the boy if he was doing fine in spite that the girl currently have someone else. He responded, “It’s okay. I really want to focus on God first.” Then we jokingly said, “Pag iniwan, diretso focus kay God eh. Last option lagi si God eh no. Bakit kaya?” (When someone leaves you, immediately we focus on God. God’s always the last option. Why is it?)

Right after, we stumbled upon a question of why brokenness and hopelessness lead us back undoubtedly to God. Why do we look for Him when we’re nothing and nothing has been left? It’s grace when we find God in the hardest and difficult times because it’s that time of our lives we need to seek help, to be reminded of His promises, to be reassured of our identity and to be comforted. It’s so easy to surrender our hearts back to His hands because we need Him the most in our crushed spirits. But why do we quickly change our lens and look upwards when we lose? Why do we immediately forget how big and sovereign God is when we feel inadequate and incapable? Why are we unable to remember how loved we are just because someone left? Why do we fail to be mindful that He holds everything together in His palm?

Many times I have to say did I experience it. I would be lying if I said I didn’t. There are tons of moments that I was overjoyed and gladly to be at the season of my life while unconsciously forgetting about God and overlooking my time with Him, just because I know I don’t need any help. It’s fun to have cool crowd around you, a sweet hubby, a high salary or even variety of traveling with your friends. We are overwhelmed how amazing our conversations with people are, how successful our marriage is, and how we do not struggle with finances. Sadly, many of us neglect about God because we thought our lives are completely stable and fine. But time does come that these would fade away at any moment. In a snap of God’s finger, He could take it away. These things are temporary and so are our fleeting feelings towards these. Time does come that we’d need to be shaken so that the things that are unshakeable in us would remain.

When a friend forgets about us, a wife/husband dies early, the company loses its profit to give you enough salary, we also feel the same overwhelming emotions that drive us crazy. It’s as if we have lost our whole lives where real purpose and calling are set before us. It’s as if everything has been destroyed and shattered. And it’s funny but sad that we turn promptly to God when we get defeated by the world – by ourselves. Sadly, our hope wasn’t really upon Him but the blessings. We put our lives upon the provisional and impermanence. We frankly do not hope, trust, believe and love God fully.

Why do we focus on God when we lose everything? Is it because we have realized that He is the only ‘everything’ in the world that will satisfy, heal and complete us?

We’d all agree to this: we dislike individuals who remember us when they need something; we dislike friends who only turn to us when they’re in trouble. Have we ever realized we are guilty of it too? We become so abusive of God’s love and grace in our lives just because we know He loves us eternally. We forget our first Love when our emotions are high, when our lives are doing great but we remember Him when we’re at our lowest and we are miserable. Yet, His love continues to overflow; His grace continually abounds. Yet His face still turns to us.

But God. But Love.

God doesn’t want us to stop in such realization that He completes us and who will accept us after running away.

As Christians, may we continue to have a heart that is completely devoted to Him. May we respond in worship both in our high and low times.

God is the God who never changes; whose love that never runs out; whose strength that never weakens. No matter what we do, even in our victory and in our defeat, His eyes are on us, carefully molding our hearts, despite us, His children, lose sight of Him every single day. We are the apple of His eye, His treasured possession, His sons and daughters. And we see that there is beauty in His love regardless of how incomplete and empty we may be for Him. But I hope and I pray we ask God for repentance and ask for a heart that will love Him and Him alone. That will remember His precepts and commands. That will choose to honor Him even when things become hard.


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