What Distance Taught Me

Noise. Toxicity. Have you ever felt the need to go in a place where no one knows you? Same.

The previous five months have been both good and bad. But one thing is certain, I have been blessed to learn new and hard things; an example is what distance have taught me. If you know me personally, you know how it is difficult for me to lose contact and not communicate. That’s where I saw the need to reflect on the circumstances and people I need to depart myself from. All because I feel like I am not growing anymore. I felt like I need to be in touch with everything, with every person each time – which was unhealthy. Even on the most silent night I’ve had, it was still the loudest because of the noises in my head. I saw the urgency to distant myself, but not isolate; just to be able to see the bigger picture and the main focus of the season. I needed to depart from everything that was confusing and overwhelming me to see what God is up to. It was all the noise and toxicity that led me to a far-off place to quiet and refresh my soul.

Distance makes us realize things, doesn’t it?

Let me just share to you few things God taught me about distance.

1. Praying and loving our friends from a distance are usually for the best.

This breaks my heart to be honest. Being relational creates attachment, but time comes that we are called to detach. And that’s okay, honey. There are friends for a season, and there are friends for a reason. You see, it’s hard to imagine but fighting for them even from afar is still worth it. They still need you, your prayers, even when you both don’t know it.

I’m going to leave it here. It explains it. You know it.

PS. Forgive them. Forgive yourself. It’s okay.

2. Respect yourself enough to walk away from the things that refuse you to grow.

I’ve always tried to fight for the things that are important to me, may it be relationships, time, communication, and dreams. But there are moments in my life that just get heartbreaking to the point that it slowly destroys me. And sadly, I used to let it destruct me. But thank God, by His grace and wisdom, I realized that when my worth is endangered and my values are compromised, then I need to put an end to where I am in. No matter how many times I would have to try, there are just things that are not meant to be because that’s how God made it to be. Yet also, there are things that have been prayed for that are in need to be patient with. But the response I ought to have is to leave it to His hands – leaving the uncontrollable unto His sovereignty.

It is also knowing that God has placed a crown of royalty upon us that we are not to stoop down to the level of disrespect and disregard of our very own existence. There is no accident in God. What He allowed us to experience is because there is something for us to learn. So take it. But sure enough, even when we fail, His comfort and love will heal all wounds.

If God tells us to stop, stop. If He says to let go, let go. If it’s time, then it’s time. It’s all because He also knows our value, so better yet we also know how much He values us that we also get to value ourselves.

3. Fight for your calling.

Surely, God has placed something in our hearts that keeps us alive every day. He has placed a desire that keeps our souls burning to change our surroundings.

Transitions are the hardest, at least for me. But I have never been this excited for the next season of my life. It feels scary but knowing that He holds me allows me to take a leap of faith that He is about to do something that will advance His kingdom more. It gives me hope that better days are coming; that greater things are about to unfold; that new people are yet to come. Seize the time to find and know what God’s heart beats for.

Do not let anything neither any emotion to stand in the way from fulfilling what God has for you. Ladies and gentlemen, feel what you want to feel, but do what God wants to you to do. This is calling over emotions. All or nothing.

Distance taught me to clear out every idol in my heart as I ask God what is needed to be dealt with. Thus, we are set apart. I am set apart.

Fighting for our calling doesn’t limit only in what we’ll passionately do in our workplace. But also fighting the calling as a child, as a friend, and as a leader. Fighting the calling to remain in His love. Fighting the calling to abide in His Word. It is fighting what is essential.

4. Onto the next crossroad, child.

No matter how long we were in a certain place, it is temporary. God will always bring us to places that we never thought we would be. Glory to glory. Strength to strength.

For the past year, I have been praying to God to give me the peace and the willingness to go to another place after college. It didn’t just feel right during the moment but I still prayed. I asked God for grace to enable me to go fully with a heart that is available and willing to serve. Then just few weeks ago, I felt that my season for this place is finally over. Time for the next one. I know and believe that I have fulfilled my role in my previous season, and now it’s time for me to fulfill where God is calling me into.

Distance taught me this: to pay attention to hear and follow where God wants us to be.

New season means new level of maturity, of faith, and of purpose. God will confirm it into your heart. You’ll just know and feel it. Peace will come.

5. Lastly, distance taught me to know what God really wants.

Along the process, it’s not only what you want that you will discover, but also God’s. With endless of opinions, ideas and thoughts around social media, it exhausts us only by thinking about it and slowly it feels like we are also conforming that erases our original and true identity/purpose. But God has created us uniquely. We weren’t created to conform every single time. What we have fed in our hearts and minds and what we have built for our foundation are hopefully aligned to His will. That’s why it is really important that we know the truth. His truth is our support and standard. And with the standard of truth in place, it’s easier for us to make decisions, plan our lives with ambitions and goals, and respond with the right heart. And through that, we’d know what His good, pleasing, and perfect will for us.

Distance taught me so much but these are the only few things I felt the need to share. But I hope that distance and isolation wouldn’t be likely similar to us. Distance should make us realize and grasp the necessities without compromising the value of accountability.

Have a great Friday ahead, everybody. 🙂


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